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Improve your skills with a PB301 clinic

Posted on August 8, 2020

Pickleball 301 is a two-hour clinic to help you develop the skills to achieve a 3.0 skill rating (see Skill Rating). The class is currently led by Sylvia Whitehouse, one of Pictona’s certified instructors, and is limited to 8 participants. Members and non-members are invited to take the class which is offered twice a month. Please check Pictona's Events Calendar for dates and times here. The class fee is $25 per person. Payment will be made at the Welcome Desk on the day of the clinic.

Is the class appropriate for you? You should already have a basic understanding of pickleball rules, scoring, and the ability to execute serves, serve returns, volleys, and dinks at a 50% success rate. If you are not at this skill level you may find PB 201 more helpful (PB 201).

In the PB 301 class you will participate in several drills to practice the skills needed to execute shots consistently. Your instructor will provide you with feedback to improve your execution of serves, serve returns, volleys, dinks and overhead shots. You will then progress to practicing with a partner, and in a game-like setting, learn shot selection to execute the tactics of the sport.

Reaching a 3.0 skill level is a milestone for every player as they progress through their pickleball journey. Attaining the skills and knowledge to play at this level will give you the confidence to participate in open play, leagues and tournaments.

Register by selecting Enroll in Pickleball 301 below and using Pictona's online registration system. You will receive an email back from Pictona confirming your registration.

Enroll online by clicking here:

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