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Board of Directors 2024

Andy Melville
Andy Melville, President
Andy Melville has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida and completed his MBA at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta. Andy’s career took their family all over the US, working for Polaroid, Disney, Department 56 and most recently Big Rock Sports, where Andy served as President. For the past 30 years, Andy has held executive level leadership positions in all facets of operating a business from sales, to operations to IT strategy. Athletics, along with a true appreciation for the lessons learned through competition, have been a core part of Andy’s life and that has been passed on by Bonnie and Andy to their 3 children. When we were all introduced to pickleball by Bonnie, we were hooked! 

Ron Duff, Vice-President
Ron Duff brings a tremendous amount of financial and IT knowledge to the Board.  He also has significant experience as a Board Member and Chairperson of a board focused on governance of  practices for the lending industry.  Ron is also an avid pickleball player with dozens of tournament medal finishes under his belt at both Pictona and other venues around the region. We are so happy to have Ron bring his professional and pickleball experience to support Pictona as a member of our Board of Directors.

Darren Fein, Secretary
Darren has a finance degree from the University of Central Florida and brings a diverse set of experiences that include 10 years of automotive management services as well as an additional 7 years of teaching middle school math! Darren figured out retirement early (49 years old) and toured 44 states and half of Canada in a motorhome with his wife of 34 years. Darren has an advocacy/sponsorship relationship with Selkirk, plays 8+ tournaments a year and loves being an ambassador for Pictona and the sport of pickleball.

Terry Smiley, Board Member At Large
Terry is the co-founder of Upptopp Software.   He's been marketing off and on for about the last 24 years.  He began his marketing career selling books and floppy discs on-line in 1997 with his ex-wife in Lake Tahoe, CA.   Terry hasn't always been in marketing.   He's led a very diverse career.   In his younger years he was a carpet installer, and eventually opened a floor covering store.    He was also a real estate appraiser for a short time, and he drove a semi truck for about 6 years.  As you can imagine, he's done a lot of things and has been to a lot of places.   Terry is currently in the software industry and helps small businesses with marketing and SEO services. 

 Lisa Hopkins, Treasurer
I am very excited to expand my dedication to the growth and infinite future of Pictona. As many know, I teach PB 101 to encourage our expanding membership, work on our Friends of Pictona donation team as can be seen by the many paddles we have hung commemorating our donors. Volunteer at all our tournaments and consider myself an ambassador to show the facility to the curious. I have extensive knowledge in accounting as a prior business owner, comptroller and financial advisor currently of two other businesses. My husband and I love traveling and spending time with our 9 Grand Angels. Thank you to the Martens, the Board and all of our wonderful members. 

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