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Educational Activities

We offer a variety of educational activities at Pictona and will be expanding these endeavors over the next two years. We have educational programs for players of all ages, instructors, and referees. Here is a brief review of these activities.

Pictona Instruction: These are classes and courses offered by Pictona-approved instructors and are promoted on our website and through Pictona Weekly. We do not employ a resident pro at Pictona like many clubs do. Instead, we have qualified instructors who instruct our courses. See the schedule of courses and to register for a class go HERE.

Private Instruction: These are classes for 1-4 students arranged privately between Pictona-approved instructors and students. The fees are set by the instructors but within the guidelines agreed to by the instructors and Pictona. Go HERE to identify and contact our instructors.

Adult Pickleball Skill Camps: This winter come to Pictona at Holly Hill, FL for your escape to pickleball paradise! Pictona will be holding five 3-day camps this winter for beginner and intermediate levels.  Pictona instructors are highly experienced at teaching pickleball players how to improve their games.  Camp Pictona will not only provide you with a warm escape, but will provide quality instruction and lots and lots of playing opportunities help make that winter seem much shorter! Click HERE for information on the 2024 camps!

Youth Pickleball Camps: We offer junior camps varying from 3-5 days to young people in the greater Daytona area. We also will offer adult camps that are 3-5 days in length primarily beginning in 2024, targeting especially pickleball players living in colder climates.

Special Clinics and Camps: Periodically, recognized professional players and instructors come to Pictona, often in association with a tournament, and offer clinics to members and non-members. These clinics are approved by Pictona and the fees charged agreed upon. Members and non-members may register for these clinics. Non-member fees are slightly higher. We announce these clinics on our website and through Pictona Weekly.

Pictona Instructor Certification System: We offer a system for becoming an assistant, associate, and fully certified Pictona instructor. At each of the three levels of certification the instructor candidate must fulfill certain criteria successfully. These criteria involve demonstrating knowledge, skill, and appropriate attitudes for teaching. Contact Paul Lambers (PaulL@pictona.org) to learn more and participate in this program.

Referee Training: Pictona has a Referee Academy that trains referees through classroom and on-court sessions. The Crane Room in the Humana Education Center is used for class sessions and available courts are used for the outdoor sessions. Contact Walt Hooker (flpbwalt@gmail.com) to learn more about the Pictona Referee Academy.

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