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Comprehensive Skills Assessment (CSA)

The Comprehensive Skills Assessment (CSA) is the more comprehensive of the two rating systems, and is intended to help players determine their skill rating for tournaments and who want to map a route to improve their play.

The CSA works in the following manner:

  • The player plays three videotaped games with players of the similar skill level
  • The trained rater used this video to assess every aspect of the player’s skill using the advanced and innovative assessment program developed by instructor David Heinze
  • A complete report is furnished to the player showing every strength and weakness observed, identification of unforced errors, and a rating number of 1.0-5.0.
  • Report will give solid feedback on skills that need improving as well as recommendations for further instruction.

The CSA is available to all players.

Cost is $80 for members and $90 for non-members

Please click HERE to see dates and/or register for the CSA rating.  If you have questions please email Bob Panzak at bobp@pictona.org.

For more information on the Player Orientation Rating System (POR), click here. 


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