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Pictona Referee Training Academy

Pictona is proud to announce that the Pictona Referee Training Academy will be starting referee training in the not-so-distant future!

When watching tournaments in person or on TV you may notice the referee standing on the side with his/her clipboard.  They are not just keeping score, but they make sure all the rules are followed, making judgement calls, and being in the action!

The training to become a referee will make you an expert on pickleball rules, and also give you a certification that can be used at tournaments across the country.  Those who have completed the referee training have said it is a very rewarding experience, and you can even get paid for refereeing.

Check out the video below of Pictona players Kathy Postlewait, Certified Referee, and Walter Hooker, Level 2 Referee, explain why it is “Cool” to become a pickleball referee!


If interested please fill out the information section below and we will keep you informed of upcoming referee training.

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