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The Club: 386-310-7067
Email: info@pictona.org

Rainer Martens: Director 

Phone: 386-310-7067  
Email: Rainer@pictona.org

Julie Martens: Director 
Phone: 386-310-7067  
Email: Juliem@pictona.org

Welcome Desk 
Phone: 386-310-7067    Email: WelcomeDesk@pictona.org

Angie Gustavson: Operations Manager
Phone: 386-310-7067     Email: AngieG@pictona.org

Bob Panzak: Tournament Operations Manager
Phone: 386-310-7067  Email: BobP@pictona.org

Cris Higgins: Events Coordinator
Phone: 386-310-7067  Email: CrisH@pictona.org

Deb Christensen: Director of Partnerships
Phone:386-310-7067       Email: DebC@pictona.org

Gregg Sibigtroth: Facilities Director
Phone: 386-310-7067  Email: GreggS@pictona.org

Jenn Hall: Operations Assistant
Phone: 386-310-7067  Email: JennH@pictona.org

Mark Shaw: Marketing Director
Phone:386-310-7067    Email:  MarkS@pictona.org

Education Associate TBD
Phone: 386-310-7067  Email:  

Steve Croak: Senior Activity Center Director
Phone: 386-238-9276    Email: SteveC@pictona.org

The Kitchen at Pictona
Phone: 386-310-7118     


1060 Ridgewood Ave, Holly Hill, FL 32117



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