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Club Bylaws


Club Bylaws

Section A.     Name of Club:  PICTONA AT HOLLY HILL

Section B.     Purpose of Club:  To promote the development of the sport of pickleball in Greater Daytona and the health and fitness of its members.  The Club is also established to support the development and operation of a pickleball facility called Pictona at Holly Hill.

Section C.     In the event of a conflict between these bylaws and the rules and regulations of the Club, the bylaws shall be controlling. Anything not stated in the bylaws shall be referred to Roberts Rules of Order for parliamentary rule.

Section D.     This Club shall be operated as a nonprofit organization in accordance with Florida statutes and is a federal IRS 501.c.3 public charity.  The 501.c.3 status allows the club to purchase goods without paying sales tax to vendors.  However, it does not exempt the club from charging sales tax on the sale of goods and services, including membership dues. As a nonprofit club income shall not greatly exceed expenses (operating expenses and capital requirements) resulting in a net operating gain. Where revenues do exceed expenses, the net gain will be used to foster continued pickleball growth and activity.  Club dues may be adjusted to reduce profits, or the excess may be donated to the Club facility reserve fund which is needed to fund ongoing maintenance of club owned assets.  The 501.c.3 status allows Pictona to accept donations to the Club which are tax deductible to the donor.   


Section A.     Membership shall be open to all persons who have an interest in pickleball.  The Executive Board shall have the authority to establish different classes of membership with different levels of dues and the power to waive dues for an individual or group at its discretion.

Section B.     There shall be no precondition for membership, nor will members be required to join any national, state, or regionally affiliated organizations. Affiliation with other organizations may be required to participate in events held by the Club in cooperation with those organizations. The Club recommends membership in USA Pickleball (USAP), the national governing body for the sport.

Section C.     Club membership with voting privileges is awarded to all individuals committing to an annual membership to Pictona at Holly Hill, whether making a single payment or monthly payments set up on an auto debit from their checking account or credit card. Individuals paying membership fees to Pictona at Holly Hill on a daily basis are not members of the Club.

Section D.     Dues in an amount recommended by the Executive Board are payable on an annual or monthly basis depending on the selected membership plan.  Timely payment of dues by each member shall be required for membership in good standing.



 Section A.     Executive Board: There shall be an Executive Board comprised of a President, a Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the past president and up to two at large board members. The Executive Board may appoint members to fill an unexpired term.  The Club members elect all voting board members, except those members who are appointed. 

Section B.     Consultant: The current USA Pickleball ambassador for Daytona Beach, Florida shall be invited to serve as an ex officio member of the Board, serving as a consultant and liaison between the USAP and the Club.

Section C.    Compensation:  All officers shall serve without compensation.

Section D.     Term of Office

                           D.1  The term of office for the Executive Board is:
                                   President - two years;
                                   Vice President - two years;
                                   Secretary - two years;
                                   Treasurer - three years. 

                          D.2 The past president remains on the Board for one year beyond his or her active term.

                         D.3  All officers can succeed themselves provided they receive a majority vote of those in attendance at the election.   The term of office shall begin at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Section E.     Duties and Responsibilities:

                       President: The President shall carry out the direction and policies established by the Executive Board and shall preside over all meetings referenced in Article IV.   For each committee authorized by the Executive Board the President shall appoint the chairperson. The members of each committee shall be selected by the committee chairperson and approved by the president. In the event of vacancies on the Executive Board, the President shall appoint, with Executive Board approval, interim replacements to finish out the term until official elections can be held.  The President shall ensure that all Club Officers read, understand and willfully comply with the Club Rules and Procedures (Rules.)

                       Vice President:  Shall perform all duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence or inability to perform. The Vice President shall also perform other such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned, with Executive Board approval, from time to time by the President.

                        Secretary Shall keep the Club records, issue notices of all meetings of the Executive Board or General Membership; shall keep minutes thereof; conduct all correspondence relating to the Club's business; furnish whatever reports to other persons or organizations as may be required and make any State or Federal filings as required. 

                        Treasurer:  The treasurer shall have oversight of the finances of Pictona at Holly Hill by periodically consulting with the General Manager regarding income and expenses, working to ensure a balanced budget. The treasurer shall review monthly financial reports and provide summaries of the same to the Board at its meetings. The treasurer will also submit year-end financial reports and maintain previous years’ financial records. 

Section F.     Executive Board Members: The officers of the Club specified above, shall serve as members of the Executive Board.  The Executive Board shall have overall governing authority over the Club consistent with the provisions of these bylaws and shall establish all committees necessary to carry out the purposes and objectives of the Club. The Board shall establish a set of Rules and Regulations for the operation of the Club and the facility.

Section G.     Election of Officers and Board Members – A quorum of 25% of the members in good standing excluding the Executive Board must vote at any election specified in these bylaws. Voting may be done in person or electronically. If more than one member is nominated for any elective position, voting shall be by secret ballot. The Executive Board shall determine the particular procedures for nominations and elections to be followed for such elections. Should a quorum not be achieved for an election, the Executive Board shall fill the vacancies as it sees fit.


Section A.    Meetings of the Members: Membership meetings shall be held at least once per year, and more frequently if needed as determined by the Executive Board. The time and place of such meetings to be determined by the Executive Board. The President shall preside at all such meetings and Robert’s Rules of Order - Newly Revised shall be followed.  All Club meetings will be announced at least 30 days in advance of the meeting. No quorum shall be necessary to conduct any business of the Club at the general membership meetings, excluding elections, and except as otherwise specified in these bylaws a simple majority vote of the members present shall be sufficient to conduct any business requiring the vote of the membership. 

Section B.    Meetings of the Officers and the Board: The President may call meetings of the Executive Board at any time by giving notice orally, in writing, or email.  The President shall determine the time and place of such meetings.  A majority of the Executive Board Members shall constitute a quorum of the Executive Board and therefore, may conduct any business brought before the Executive Board at such meetings. 

Section C.    Club meetings may be held in person or via the Internet, the mode of the meeting determined by the Executive Board. Elections may be held via the Internet.


Section A.    Maintenance of Financial Records: Financial records and related documentation must be kept for the 7 previous years and the current year and shall be maintained by the Treasurer.  

Section B.    Budget: An annual budget in the form of a rolling 12-month cash flow model of estimated income and expenditures will be updated monthly by the General Manager in cooperation with the Treasurer and presented to the Executive Board for review.

Section C.   Reimbursements: Money spent on behalf of the Club for any purpose approved by the General Manager or the Treasurer shall be reimbursed to the person making the expenditure.

Section D.     Financial Records: The Pictona at Holly Hill Treasurer shall audit the Club's financial records once a year. 

Section E.     Processing revenues and expenses:  All revenues shall be deposited in a bank account established in the Club’s name.  All expenses exceeding $20 may be paid by check, credit card, electronic bill payment services by individuals approved by the Executive Board to make such expenditures.  The Treasurer, President, and General Manager shall be authorized to make payments by the methods above.

Section F.    Petty Cash: The Club will maintain a Petty Cash Fund not to exceed $300 and allow disbursements from this fund for receipted incidental expenses not to exceed $100 for each disbursement. The Fund will be managed by the General Manager who will keep appropriate receipts and invoices covering all such transactions as part of the Club’s financial records. The Petty Cash Fund may be replenished with the approval of the Treasurer. 

Section G.     All assets of the Club shall be physically inventoried at least once annually by the General Manager and/or his/her staff. The report will be reviewed and approved by the Treasurer who shall submit the approved report to the Executive Board and maintain the report.


Section A.   Committees may be appointed by the Executive Board as needed.  Examples of potential committees are:

Community Events Committee
Tournament Committee (a committee for each specific tournament)
Court Utilization Committee

All committees shall have written mission statements approved by the board prior to the committee appointments.


Section A.   Any member may propose an amendment to these by-laws by submitting a request to the Executive Board. The Board shall determine within 60 days if the requested amendment merits a vote by the members. A proposed amendment denied by the Executive Board may go directly to the members for consideration when 10 percent of the members petition the Board to do so.

Section B. Individual committees are not permitted to amend this document. The procedure in Section A above must be followed.


Section A.  The Club has contracted with the City of Holly Hill, Florida, to manage Pictona, the facility located in Hollyland Park, at 1060 Ridgewood Avenue in Holly Hill. The Club has a 50-year lease beginning January 10, 2019 to operate Pictona. The Club is responsible for the overall management of the facility and its expenses, other than the utilities which shall be paid by the City of Holly Hill. 

Section B.  The Club may manage the facility or contract with a firm to develop and manage the facility.


Section A.    This Club may not be dissolved until all of its outstanding debts have been paid; upon dissolution, all assets and all property of the Club shall be surrendered to the City of Holly Hill in accordance with the agreement between the Club and the City.

Board Approved

January 1, 2022

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