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Friends of Pictona

Becoming a Friend of Pictona is a unique way to support our pickleball programs and Pictona!

Generous individuals and corporations have made financial contributions to Pictona, which we deeply appreciate. We're honoring them by displaying Friend of Pictona paddles at Preservation Palace, near Celebration Plaza. These colorful paddles feature individual plaques to recognize our generous donors:

Green Level   Donations of $300 - $499
Blue Level    Donations of $500 - $999
Bronze Level   Donations of $1000 - $4999
Silver Level   Donations of $5000 - $9999
Gold Level   Donations of $10,000+

Please consider becoming a Friend of Pictona. Remember, Pictona is a non-profit club, and membership dues only cover a portion of our expenses. Your donations and sponsorships are crucial for quality programming. Your chosen donation level is appreciated, and your paddle will remain on display for 5 years.

We also need your assistance in collecting old paddles. Our volunteer coordinators, Dan & Lisa Hopkins, will repaint them to match the appropriate level when we have new donors. An anodized plate with the donor's name and donation year will be added to each paddle before mounting it at Preservation Palace. Please check your closets and garages for unused paddles, and drop them off at the Welcome Desk.

Our Friends of Pictona Contributors
Pictona is supported by the following Friends of Pictona Contributors to whom we extend a hearty Thank You!

  • Bill and Mimi Cook Family
  • Tony and Jill DeLisa
  • Jeanne DeMars
  • Kris Derr
  • Brad and Tami Factor
  • Roy and Dana Franks
  • Robin Hanger (Best Price Trailers), sponsor of the bleachers at court 17
  • Robin Hanger (The Car Shop), sponsor of the bleachers at court 20
  • Ron and Sidni Hecox
  • Cris Higgins
  • Walt and Robert Hooker, sponsor of the Welcome Wall at Celebration Plaza
  • Dan and Lisa Hopkins
  • Al Jacobs
  • Terri Jacobsen
  • Gail Kadar
  • Keith and Katy Kelly
  • Chris Kucma
  • Michael Lynn
  • Richard and Melanie McCabe
  • Kate McCallum
  • Sandra and Peter McDonald
  • Mike McLean, two large-screen television sets
  • Chuck and Amy Mecklem
  • Chris Mellon
  • Mike Mellon
  • Bonnie and Andy Melville, sponsor of the three flag poles at Celebration Plaza
  • Clare Merkle
  • Coach Mo
  • In Memory of Keith Jones
  • Todd Mowl
  • Tony Panos (At the Garage)
  • Mike Pascale
  • Jim Pawela
  • Lynn Perkins (Teal Properties & Investments)
  • Mike Phelan (My Key Golf, Inc), sponsor of the men’s and women’s locker rooms
  • Rose Schuhmacher
  • Scott and Teri Siewert
  • Louis Spear, sponsor of one of our 4 table tennis tables
  • Richard Stapleton
  • Domien & Lorraine Takx
  • Nancy Tedeschi (Pickleball Bella)
  • Annette Trotta
  • Tom & Suzanne Walters, sponsor of our Youth Pickleball curriculum
  • Sylvia Herreras Whitehouse, Player Shop sponsorship and ball machine
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