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Friends of Pictona

Many organizations promote “brick” programs to raise money.  We wanted to do something that was more unique and specific to pickleball and Pictona so we’ve established the Friends of Pictona fundraiser which helps support the many programs we offer.

While Pictona was being built we had many individuals and corporations step up and make financial donations for which we are very grateful.   We are now formally recognizing them by placing a Friend of Pictona paddle on Preservation Palace, next to Celebration Plaza.  Colorful paddles adorn the walls – an attractive mix of gold, silver, bronze, blue, and green paddles with individual plaques recognizing each donor for their generosity.

Green Level     Donations of $300 - $499

Blue Level        Donations of $500 - $999

Bronze Level   Donations of $1000 - $4999

Silver Level      Donations of $5000 - $9999

Gold Level       Donations of $10,000+

Please consider becoming a Friend of Pictona.  As you already know, Pictona is a not-for-profit club and your membership dues only contribute about a third of our operating expense so we must raise money through other avenues, with donations and sponsorship being so important to providing you with quality programming.  No matter what level you choose to  contribute at, your donation will be greatly appreciated and your paddle will remain on the wall for 5 years.  

We also need your help in collecting old or unused paddles so our volunteer coordinators, Dan & Lisa Hopkins can paint them the appropriate color when we get a new donor.  We’ll then add an attractive anodized plate to each paddle with the donor’s name and the year of the donation and mount the paddle on Preservation Palace.  Check your closets and garages to see if you have any paddles that we can repurpose for our Friends of Pictona program.  Please drop off paddles in the box by the Welcome Desk.

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