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Whether you are only beginning your odyssey on the pickleball court or have been playing for a long time, if you decide you would like to improve your play, we have a very capable group of certified instructors authorized to offer you private lessons. 

Here’s how you arrange a private lesson.

  1. Identify the instructor you would like to contact by reviewing their profiles.
    Click here for David Heinze, Lu Kandt, Sylvia Whitehouse, and Mary Burns.
  2. Contact your instructor of choice by phone or email as given in their profiles.
  3. Make your personal arrangement with the instructor.
  4. Your instructor will reserve the court at Pictona for your private lesson.

You do not need to be a member of Pictona to have a private lesson with any of our four instructors. It’s our hope that you will have a positive experience and become a member.

Four Instructors At Net
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