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Skill Ratings


A frequent question asked by most new players, is the knowledge of where they stand in regards to skill level so they may accurately enter clinics, social play, inter-league play or tournaments of any kind.  Without an accurate skill rating, players shy away from anything organized.  If they do enter organized play, they often self-rate over and above what they should be rated or take the other route and sandbag to try and get easy wins.  Neither situation is good for any of the participants, thus the need for the IPTPA Rating System.  The IPTPA Rating System accurately rates players around the world in a standardized manner, emphasizing the current progression of the sport of pickleball that the IPTPA promotes.

Four Instructors At Net

Below are links to each skill level assessment as defined by the IPTPA system. We encourage to read through the assessments to self-evaluate your skill level. If you would like a formal skill rating assessment please contact one of Pictona's Certified Instructors.

IPTPA Skill Assessment 2.0 Player

IPTPA Skill Assessment 2.5 Player

IPTPA Skill Assessment 3.0 Player

IPTPA Skill Assessment 3.5 Player

IPTPA Skill Assessment 4.0 Player

IPTPA Skill Assessment 4.5 Player


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