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Pictona Gardens Sprout Up

Posted on September 25, 2020

When the train whistle isn’t blowing, have you heard the sounds of the plants growing in the southwest corner of Pictona? With the leadership of Russell Royce, our volunteer master gardener, the Pictona Community Gardens is now a reality. With twenty 4’ x 12’ planting beds which are all rented and being planted, and four raised beds for those people less inclined to bend over, the Gardens are thriving.  This week, Russell and his team assembled the hydroponic towers for growing vegetables, some of which will be consumed in The Kitchen. Here’s a link to photos of the action: https://pictonaphotos.smugmug.com/Building-PICTONA/The-Gardens/ or just take a walk over to the Gardens. When you do, be real quiet to hear the plants whispering in the wind.


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