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Sylvia Whitehouse

Greater Daytona Area Pickleball Instructor Profile

Name:  Sylvia Herreras-Whitehouse

Mobile #: 201-913-2103

Email: Sirene23@me.com

Preferred way to contact: Either email or cell phone

Social Media links: iptpa.com/certified-coaches

Type of instruction: Private lessons or 3 or 4 persons and a Pro, Doubles Partner Sessions, Specializing in Tournament Preparedness

Locations where instruction is offered: Pictona @ Holly Hill; or convenient for client

2023 USA Pickeball National Championships 5.0 MXD 60-64 Silver Medalist
2023 Gold medal 5.0 WD 60-64 USA Pickleball National Championships (Photo on Right)
2023 Senior World Games 5.0 WD Silver Medalist; 5.0 WD Bronze Medalist, and 5.0 MXDS Bronze Medalist
2023 Us Open Silver Medalist 5.0 60+  MXD
2022 U.S. Open Bronze Medalist 5.0 WD
DUPR Rating 5.12  
Senior Pro Sponsored by Selkirk Sport
IPTPA Certified Instructor - Level 1, 2
2021 USA Pickleball National Championship: Silver 5.0 MXD  
2019 US Open Gold Medalist 5.0 WD : Bronze Medalist 5.0 MXD                                 
2019 National Senior Games Gold Medalist WD 55-59
2018 US Open Gold Medalist 4.5 WD : Bronze Medalist 4.5 MXD
2017 USAPA Nationals Silver Medalist 4.5 MXD
2017 US Open Gold Medalist 4.5 MXD : Silver Medalist 4.5 WD
2017 National Senior Games Gold Medalist WD 50-54

Instructional Fees:
Private:          60 minutes $100, 90 minutes $1202 and a Pro:  60 minutes $50 per player, 90 minutes $60 per player3 and a Pro:  90 minutes $40 per player

Teaching philosophy: Mastering pickleball fundamentals is essential. This “jack of all trades” strategy (dinking , 3rd or 5th shot drops, blocking & resetting, transitional volleys and lobbing) will enable players to adapt to each opponent. I have high profile tournament experience and look forward to imparting what I have learned and observed.

"I was  visiting from Massachusetts and took the third shot drop class .  I really enjoyed it .  You changed the whole way I hold the paddle and I returned home and have done so much better ! It’s been great for my confidence. Thank you so much!"  ...Denise Zaccheo
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