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Rain and Lightning

Lightning.  Florida has the highest number of lightning strikes among all states. When lightning is detected within 10 miles of Pictona, everyone must immediately seek shelter in the covered courts, clubhouse, or their automobiles (except for convertibles with the roof down). The pavilion, shade covers, and recreation courts are not safe during lightning. An announcement will be made on the PA system to evacuate the mentioned areas, and it's essential to wait for an all-clear announcement before returning outside. NOAA advises that we should not return to our outside spaces until 30 minutes after the last lightning flash within the 10-mile zone.

Play may continue under the covered courts when it is lightning in the area. The Lightning Protection System on the covered courts and clubhouse provides us with a dome of protection within the covered courts. When lightning is in the area please stay within the covered courts and avoid touching metal within the covered court area, and especially the beams that support the roof. You may safely sit on the aluminum bleachers.

Rain. Play should stop immediately on the uncovered courts when it rains to prevent slipping. The covered courts at Pictona are protected from rain when it falls straight down, allowing play to continue without any issues. However, when the rain is driven sideways by strong winds, some of the covered courts may get wet and become unsuitable for play.

In the event of iclement weather rendering the outside courts unplayable, Pictona's 13 covered courts may also be affected. To better understand how specific events and programs scheduled on the covered courts are adjusted to accommodate Open Play, please refer to the Covered Courts & Inclement Weather page for detailed rules and guidelines.

Drying Uncovered Courts. After rain, please assist in drying the uncovered courts using the squeegees available in Preservation Palace.

We also have four VAPTR ROLLRS available, which are slick devices meant for the quick drying of wet courts. Training on VAPTR ROLLR usage can be arranged through the Welcome Desk and Maintenance Staff.

Lightning Strike
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