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Pic-10 Card on CourtReserve

Posted on November 8, 2023

We're thrilled to introduce an exciting update to our Pic-10 package at Pictona!

Starting November 13th, we're making the transition from physical punch cards to a convenient digital punch card system. If you already have a physical Pic-10 card, you can turn it in at either Welcome Desk. We will digitally add the remaining number of punches to your account.

What's staying the same:

The price of the Pic-10 package remains unchanged:

  • $120 for adults, granting you 10 visits.
  • $50 for junior players (under 18 years old), also for 10 visits.

Just like before, there is no expiration date on these packages.

 What's new and improved:

  • No more physical cards to keep track of and potentially lose. Your Pic-10 package will be stored digitally.
  • When you arrive at our club, simply give your name and inform a Welcome Desk Associate that you'll be using your Pic-10 package.
  • Our friendly associates will digitally deduct a punch from your package to account for your day pass fee.
  • You can easily check your remaining punches by logging into your account on CourtReserve and looking at your Packages under the Billing tab.

Cost-saving bonus: The Pic-10 package offers you substantial savings. At just $12 per visit for adults and $5 per visit for junior players, this represents a $3 discount compared to our regular $15 adult drop-in daily fee and a $2 discount compared to the $7 youth drop-in fee.

Share the joy of pickleball: A Pic-10 package is the perfect way to bring along a friends or family members and enjoy the game together!

We believe this transition to a digital punch card system is a step towards modernization and convenience, allowing you to focus on playing pickleball!


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