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Courts Need to be Dried

Posted on September 19, 2020


We request your help when the courts are wet to restore use as quickly as possible. Our Manager will make the equipment available and we ask you to help with squeegeeing and towel dragging.

If the Manager hasn’t already done so,  request the Manager on Duty to make the squeegees and Towel Dragger available for use. We always have a Manager on Duty and the Welcome Desk can tell you who that is. Let the Manager on Duty show you how to use the two devices. There is a better way to use them. The squeegees help remove any standing water. The Towel Dragger further removes moisture. All the courts slope from north to south 1 degree. So in general, squeegee in that direction. The Towel Dragger works well even when the towels are wet. We recommend changing the towels only after dragging  1 court.



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