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Our goal is to help our members enjoy pickleball more. Whether you're seeking improvement in your recreational play or aiming to compete at the 4.0 or 5.0 level, we're all dedicated to mastering the skills of the sport to some level. Here's a brief overview of Pictona's multi-class courses designed to elevate your game:

PB 101: Do you want to learn how to play Pickleball but aren’t sure where to start? Then Pickleball 101 (PB-101) is for you!  Register HERE.

PB 201: Picklball First Step - Adults. This series is ideal for the beginning player who has been introduced to pickleball by friends or by attending Pictona’s Pickleball 101 class.  Read HERE for more information.

PB 202: Pickleball Second Step - Adult:  The second course in the Pictona  Pickleball Series will introduce the player to the skill shots which will elevate the beginner players' games to higher levels.  Participants will participate in drills, modified games, instructor scenarios and guided games during this course.  Read HERE for more information.

PB 203: Pickleball Third Step - Adults. During the previous classes you have learned how to properly hit a serve, return, dink shot, drop shot, blocks and resets. This class will help you determine how and when to use those shots during your games.   Read HERE for more information.

PB 204: Pickleball Fourth Step - Adults.  This course is the capstone for the Adult Pickleball Steps program which will incorporate all the strategies and skills learned in the previous courses.  Read HERE for more information.

Mastering Pickleball Fundamentals 4 Class Package. This 4 part class focuses on one fundamental each class

  • Serves and Return Serves, Court Positioning
  • Third Shots (Should you drop or drive?)
  • The Art of Dinking
  • Blocking the ball at the net, or in the Transitional Volley Area

Read HERE for more information.

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