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Our goal is to help our members enjoy pickleball more. Whether you're seeking improvement in your recreational play or aiming to compete at the 4.0 or 5.0 level, we're all dedicated to mastering the skills of the sport to some level. Here's a brief overview of Pictona's multi-class courses designed to elevate your game:

Novice Next Steps: Geared towards new players, this course focuses on fundamental shots, rules, and strategies necessary for competent pickleball play. The engaging, fast-paced class consists of 3 sessions, totaling 4.5 hours of instruction. Watch a video introduction to the class HERE and register HERE.

Pickleball 102 (PB-102): A continuation of PB-101, this course delves into scoring, positioning, serving, returning, and introduces basic drills to enhance stroke mechanics. Discover more about Pickleball 102 here.

Pickleball 201 (PB-201): If you've gained experience playing and are confident with scoring, player positioning during serves and returns, and sustaining short rallies, Pickleball 201 is your next step. Elevate your skills and strategic understanding. Learn more about Pickleball 201 here.

Pickleball 301 (PB-301):Reaching the 3.0 skill level is a significant milestone in your pickleball journey. Acquiring the competence and knowledge to play at this level will empower you to confidently participate in open play, leagues, and tournaments. Explore Pickleball 301 further here.

Pickleball 302 (PB-302): It's now time to focus on enhancing the skills and strategies for intermediate pickleball players. PB-302 covers efficient movement to the Non-Volley Zone, recovering from challenging shots, building a strong defense at the kitchen line, and implementing game tactics like set plays and shot selections. Read more about Pickleball 302 here.

Playing 3.5+: This course is designed to elevate the abilities of 3.5 and 4.0 level pickleball players. In Playing 3.5+ you will delve into advanced game strategies and skills, including purposeful dinking, court positioning, lobs, pace, and ball control. Learn about Playing 3.5+ here.

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