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We are excited that you are planning to visit Pictona and join us for a fun pickleball experience!

Many of our visitors have different questions before arriving at Pictona and we hope to answer them here for you. If however, you have a specific question and cannot find the answer here please email welcomedesk@pictona.org or call the Pictona Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067 and one of our friendly Welcome Desk employees will be able to assist you.

Day Passes, Pictona 10 cards and Memberships
Visitors to Pictona who want to participate in Pickleball play can purchase a Day Pass for $12. The day pass gives you access for the entire day (even if you leave the facility and then return later that day). Once you purchase the Day Pass you have access to the entire facility and the ability to reserve one of Pictona’s designated reservable courts. To find out more about reservations head over to the Reserve a Court page.

Think you might come back again in the future, or maybe you want to treat a friend and would like to pay for their day pass? Then consider purchasing a Pictona 10 card for $90. The Pictona 10 is a punch card good for 10 passes with no expiration date and each punch may be used for any person visiting Pictona.

Visitors staying for an extended time may want to consider purchasing a Pictona Monthly membership for an individual at $36 or $60 for a family monthly membership. Our monthly memberships work on an anniversary date, meaning if you purchase it on the 5th of this month it will be valid until the 4th of next month. Monthly memberships do not auto renew so no need to worry about cancelling your membership once your visit ends.

Pickleball 101
If you are looking to come to Pictona to try pickleball for the first time we invite you to attend a Pickleball 101 class for FREE! For information about these classes (offered multiple days and times every week) and please head over to Pickleball 101 and register today.

Open Play
If you are interested in participating in Open Play then come visit the AdventHealth and Metro Health Covered Courts! There is open play available at all times on the covered and outdoor courts. Whereas some courts may be reserved for tournaments, skill specific levels, instructional classes, or special events, there will ALWAYS be some available courts for open play.  At Pictona we use a paddle rack system to rotate players onto the courts. Open Play is open to all skill levels to participate in. To find more details please head over to the Open Play page.

Court Layout and Skill Level Designated Areas
While there is a pickleball game happening all the time at Pictona we understand that you may be interested in finding players of a similar skill level to play with. The different area of courts at Pictona are designated to different skill levels that we call Skill Pods. You can see the court layout and designated Skill Pod areas on the Court Usage page.

Skill Level Playtimes
At Pictona we also promote specific times and days for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced play. You can find the current Skill Level play schedule here.

Group Discounts
Want to bring your whole Pickleball group to Pictona for a great day trip? If you have a group of 10 or more then contact events@pictona.org to pre-register and get a group discount.

Group members will be able to purchase their day passes for a discounted rate by pre-registering as a Play Pictona group. Unlike other visitors to Pictona who must be on-site to reserve a court, pre-registered groups will have the option to make court reservations immediately (pending court availability and still subject to Pictona’s reservation rain cancellation policy). Groups, of course, are also invited to participate in Open Play or Skill Level play during their visit as well.

For further details or to pre-register your group today contact events@pictona.org.


Pictona at Night

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