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Pictona Organized Pickleball (POP)

Pictona Organized Pickleball (POP) is the NEW term we will use when referring to organized events (usually five or six consecutive games, sometimes social, but mostly competitive with similar skill level play) at Pictona, for members and nonmembers!

Our NEW Plus Membership plan options include UNLIMITED access to register and play in POP Activities. Our Annual Basic and Monthly On Demand options do NOT include POP play. Those players, as well as Non-Members can participate for a $5 fee per POP Activity, which must be paid when you register.

To register for ANY of the POP Play (includes: Ladders, Mixers, Round Robins, Leagues and Monthly Social Events)! Click on THIS LINK

June 2023 POP! Calendar FRONT 5.26.23June 2023 POP! Calendar BACK
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