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Reserve a Court

Click here to reserve a court!
  • Reserve A CourtPictona Members can reserve courts 2 weeks in advance.
  • Reservations are made in one-hour increments and are $10 per hour per court.
  • Members can make a reservation online or by calling Pictona at 386-310-7067.
  • Players entering on a Daily Pass or Pictona 10 Punch Card are considered Visitors and are not able to reserve courts in advance or through the website or phone app. However, once they are on site and have paid the daily fee, they may reserve an eligible court by paying the $10 per hour per court fee. A Welcome Desk staff member can process the court reservation request at that time.
  • Court reservation fees are due at the time they are made.
  • Players are able to select the court they wish to reserve from those eligible for reservation. Courts 21 & 22 and Courts 31-44 are eligible for player reservations. Court availability for reservations will vary based on demand, Pictona programming, and special events.
  • Reservations begin and end on the hour. If the court is reserved by someone else the next hour, the players should promptly vacate the court at the end of the hour rather than trying to finish the game.
  • If the person reserving the court for the next hour does not show within 10 minutes, the reservation is lost, and the court becomes an Open Play court. Players on the court may continue to play if there is no one waiting in the Paddle Rack. The players losing their reservation may play on courts designated for Open Play.
  • If no reservation is made for the next hour or nothing else is scheduled, the court becomes an Open Play court. If players are waiting in the Paddle Rack, they have priority. Otherwise, the players with the reservation may continue to play under the Open Play guidelines.
  • Lessons taught by Pictona instructors have priority for court reservations.
  • When rain occurs, reservations may be cancelled. Players who reserved courts will be notified that their reservation has been cancelled.
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