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Reserve a Court

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Reserve a Court

  • Reserve A CourtIf you are a Pictona member you are able to reserve courts 7 days in advance.
  • Players entering on a daily pass will not be able to reserve courts through the website or phone app. However, once they are on site and have paid the daily fee, they may reserve a court that is open.
  • You may make one reservation per day.
  • Reservations are for one hour.
  • Another member playing with you may reserve the court for a second hour.
  • You are able to select the court you wish to reserve among those courts designated as eligible for reservation.
  • Reservations will begin and end on the hour. If the court is reserved by someone else the next hour, the players should promptly vacate the court at the end of the hour rather than trying to finish the game.
  • If the persons reserving the court the next hour do not show, the players can continue playing. Players have 5 minutes after the hour to keep their court reservation. Thereafter the reservation is lost and players on the courts may continue to play for the hour. The players losing their reservation may play on courts designated for open play.
  • If no reservation is made for the next hour, the players on the court can continue using the court.
  • You may make a maximum of 7 reservations (1 a day) in a rolling 7-day calendar.
  • AdventHealth Covered Court 7 is a priority court for private instructors and cannot be reserved.
  • Currently we cannot take court reservations for the Advent Health Covered Courts during Pictona scheduled open or leveled play times.  Outdoor courts may, however, be reserved during those times.
  • When rain occurs, reservations on Court 6, 7 & 8 may be cancelled to allow these covered courts to be added back to open play. This decision will be made by the manager on duty based on the expected length of rainfall and the number of members waiting to participate in open play. Members who reserved court 6, 7 or 8 will be notified that their reservation has been cancelled by either email or text depending on their preference settings in the reservation system.


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