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Open Play

For Open Play please follow the system described here to make efficient use of the courts and to be fair to all participants regardless of skill level.

Open Play will be available everyday from 8am to 9pm on the Advent Health Covered Courts 1 thru 5. 

For more details regarding court skill level assignments please visit the Court Usage page.

When members head out to the Open Play courts and all courts are full with members waiting to play, we have switched to the paddle rack system at members’ request and to minimize exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Please observe the procedures described next.

Open Play

Note the marked area around the paddle rack. It is the ONE PERSON ONLY ZONE. Only 1 person is to be in the zone to insert or remove his or her paddle. Please respect this social distancing.

If the paddle rack is empty place your paddle in the first slot to the far left of the rack and move the clip underneath your paddle. If there are already paddles in the rack place your paddle in the first available opening to the right of the paddles currently in the rack. ONLY INSERT YOUR PADDLE. Do not insert other players’ paddles.

Note the location of the clip below the paddles. It demarks the group of 4 players to take the next open court. When a court becomes available the four players remove their paddles one at a time and one of them moves the clip to the next position to the right. When the last 4 paddles on the right are retrieved the clip is moved to the first slot of 4 on the left.

This is important: ONLY TOUCH YOUR PADDLE. The four players retrieve their paddles ONE AT A TIME stepping into the ONE PERSON ONLY ZONE. One person is not to take all four paddles and distribute them to the other players.

Please observe social distancing surrounding the ONE PERSON ONLY ZONE. Thank you for cooperating with this system. It will reduce your risk of being infected and infecting others.

Open play is one game to 11, win by 2. Then the four players must leave the court and place their paddles back on the paddle rack and wait their turn for the next available court. 

If the Open Play courts are not full members may rotate in without using the paddle racks. We encourage those who are playing during quieter open play times to be aware of other members also looking to play. Please be sure to invite these members waiting to play into your rotation when there are not enough members waiting to make use of the paddle racks.  




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