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Open Play

Open Doubles & Singles Play


With 49 courts available, Open Play is available all day, every day. Although some courts may be reserved for skill specific levels, instructional classes, Tournaments or special events, there will ALWAYS be some open courts available for open play.   

Please follow the system described below to make efficient use of the courts and to be fair to all participants regardless of skill level.

Open Play: Pictona always has courts available for Open Play. If a court is available, anyone can play. If all courts are occupied, the Paddle Rack System is used to queue players for the next available court. On Open Play courts, a single game to 11 is played, and all 4 players vacate the court at the conclusion of the game if others are waiting with paddles in the rack.

Challenge Courts: Advent Health Court 4 and MetroHealth Championship Court are Pictona's designated Challenge Courts. Winners can stay on the court for 3 games, then rejoin the queue. The paddle rack for Court 4 is located on the northeast fence of that court. There is a table at the east entrance of the Metro Health Championship Court where players can place their paddles to challenge the winners in the next game.

Paddle Rack Etiquette

  • A paddle rack is located at each pod of courts and at both Challenge Courts.
  • Paddles are arranged in groups of 4, left to right.
  • A clip is used to indicate the next 4 paddles to play when a court becomes available.
  • If less than 4 paddles are in a group, a player should announce the number needed to complete the group.
  • Groups with under 4 paddles shouldn't be skipped. A player should step in to complete the group.
  • "Mixing in" is highly encouraged.
  • After your game, leave the court and check for waiting players at the paddle rack. If there are none, you may continue playing.
  • Placing your paddle in two racks to secure a court is not allowed.
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