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Chris Nave

Name: Chris Nave
Email: coachchrisnave@gmail.com
Phone: 386-898-4822
Preferred way to contact: Text or Email

Type of instruction:  
Individual/groups - Any skill level

All Skill levels
Pickleball Training and Athletic Training

9 Years of Coaching Experience

1 Year of Pickleball Coaching Experience
Coached teams ranked top 10 nationally for coaching high school sports for multiple years.
10+ Athletes that currently play D1 and D2 collegiate sports primarily on full-ride scholarships.

1 player - $60/Hour
2 players - $70/Hour
3 players - $75/Hour
4 players - $80/Hour

Teaching Philosophy:
My goal is to help guide and assist my athletes to achieve any of their goals. I am the helping hand when you are down, but I'm also the fist in the air yelling AROO when you succeed. I take a deep analysis of my athletes to try and walk at least one mile in their shoes and connect with them on a personal level. Pickleball has all types of athletes with all different shapes, sizes, and ages, regardless of who you are we will push our limits together!  I will assess my athlete's wants and goals to help make those dreams become a reality. With me as your Coach, you will go through training, tests, and challenges. Tough obstacles create strong Pickleball Players, no cucumbers allowed. Not only do we work on Pickleball skills, but more importantly the athletic and motor skills of your body to allow those skills to show improvement technically and physically. How do we practice bending our knees at the kitchen line without practicing a couple of squats first?  Pickleball is a sport It is easy to forget that you're burning so many calories when you're having so much fun! 

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