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Rob Fritz

Name: Rob Fritz

Telephone: (321) 794-9857 Mobile

Email:  Gardenofrock@Hotmail.com

Preferred way to contact: Text

Type of Instruction:
  • Individual or Small Groups
  • Youth/Adult/Seniors
  • Novice or Beginner, 3.0 or under
  • Doubles - Men's/Women's/Mixed
  • Singles (Both Full Court and "Skinny Singles")
  • Transitioning Tennis Players to Pickleball
  • "Guided Play" - one of my favorite ways of teaching.  We can learn from a group of 3-4 players in a "live" playing format, with real-time feedback on technique as well as strategy. 
  • PPR Certified Professional Instructor
  • Selkirk Advocate
  • Carbon (CRBN)  Advocate
  • USA Pickleball Member
  • Teaching Experience - Pickelball: Daytona Beach Shores, Latitude Margaritaville, Pictona - Tennis: High Level Youth Int'l Tennis Camps (Ian Crookenden)
  • Pickleball Superstore - Extended Team Member
Rob Fritz photo
Instructional Fees:
1 player -   $65 for 60 minutes, $97.50 for 90 minutes2 players - $85 for 60 minutes, $127.50 for 90 minutes3 players - $105 for 60 minutes, $140 for 90 minutes
4 players - $120 for 60 minutes, $150 for 90 minutes
Larger groups and clinics are negotiated at booking.
Teaching Philosophy:
I've played competitive tennis and racquetball for most of my life.  When I was introduced to Pickleball I was amazed at the fun I was having on the court!  I impart fun to my instruction. After all, we learn and play better when we are having fun!
I believe in "real-time" feedback to immediately correct both technique and strategy.
I build on a player's strength and previous sports background, while identifying and improving players' areas of weakness.
I believe drilling is extremely important to solidify learned techniques, so I provide students with a drill plan to implement after instruction.
I believe techniques developed and mastered must be introduced to our actual games. Skills with no strategy are less effective.
I believe in customizing lesson plans for individuals/groups that are targeting certain aspects of their game, e.g. 3rd Shot Drops/Drives, Transitioning Skills, Top Spin/Slices, Spin serves, Blocking and Resetting Bangers, etc.  Specialty Shots are fun to learn too!  ATP's, Ernes, "Tweeners", etc... They don't always win tournaments, but they do sell tickets!!
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