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Flex Leagues

Register Online Here or contact the Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067.

*You MUST be logged into your CourtReserve account to see the Flex Leagues. If you don't have a membership, you can sign up for a free non-member account here.

Flexibility at Its Finest:

One of the standout features of our league is its flexibility. Say goodbye to the stress of committing to every game day – with our format, you have the freedom to opt in or out based on your availability. No more worries about letting your team down or scrambling to find a substitute.

League Details:

  • Flex League Format: Players are seeded based on their skill level for the first game day. Subsequent court positions will change based on performance; think of this like a multi-week ladder. Each game day, you'll be assigned a court and play a set number of games.
    • Four-Player Courts: If you're on a court with 4 players, you will play with each person twice, totaling six games. Games are played to 11 points, with a win by one, resulting in a maximum of 66 possible points to earn.
    • Five-Player Courts: In case of an uneven number of opt-ins, the bottom court(s) will accommodate 5 players. In this scenario, you will play with each person on the court once, with one bye. Games are played to 15 points, with a win by one, resulting in a maximum of 60 possible points to earn on 5-player rotation courts.
  • Moving Up and Down in Rank:Players are re-ranked each week according to the match outcomes using these rules: 
    1. After play, the 4 players in your group will be ranked from 1 to 4, depending on the accumulative score of all games played.
    2. If you finish first in your group, you move ahead of the player finishing last in the group just above your group.
    3. The #1 ranked player must play or be bumped to #2. The winner of group 1 will be the new #1 ranked player.
    4. Any player who is a “No Show” will be recorded as finishing last in his/her group.
    5. No inactive player can move above an active player.
      • Explanation of Rule 5: When active players lose and go down in rank, inactive players below them get moved down as well. This rule deliberately encourages participation and may penalize inactivity. ACTIVE players are assured that no INACTIVE player can move from below them to above them in rank regardless of what they do. At the same time INACTIVE players must realize there is nowhere to go but down if they are unable to play. 
  • Game-day Opt-ins: The opt-in period for each game day starts 3 days prior to the event. You can also opt out during this period if needed. The opt-in period closes one hour before the game day begins. At that point, the roster for the game day is finalized.
  • Submitting Scores: Download the CourtReserve app to easily submit game scores. It's recommended that scores are recorded promptly after each game for accuracy.
  • Rain Dates: In case of inclement weather, every attempt will be made to schedule rain dates

Rules and Regulations:

  • End Changes: No end changes during four-player rotations; end changes occur when one team reaches eight points in five-player rotations.
  • Time Outs: Each team has two time-outs per game, lasting up to one minute each.

Final Notes:

  • League Coordination: In case of disputes, the league coordinator will have the final say, ensuring fair gameplay.
  • DUPR: Game results won't be submitted by the club, but players can choose to submit them as recreation matches to DUPR.

We're eagerly anticipating the start of the league and the incredible games ahead! Should you have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Non-Member Participation:

  • Non-members need to purchase a day pass or use a Pic-10 package punch for each game day participation.
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