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Updated 6/18/21

After a great response to our first Challenge Court night on 6/17/21 we are changing some of the events guidelines to improve the experience for those who participate. Please see below for the new updates.

Challenge Court Series @ Pictona

Pictona is excited to announce Thursday nights Pickleball Challenge Court Series!

What’s a Challenge Court?

A Challenge Court is a chance for you and your partner to compete and stay on the Challenge Court for as many games as possible.

Who can participate?

All members and non-members are invited to play on the Challenge Court. Non-members will need to pay the daily play pass rate.

How does the Challenge Court work?

Pictona’s designated Winners Challenge Court will be covered court #6. Covered courts #7 and #8 will be used as Work Up Courts. The Challenge Court series will be held on Thursday’s from 6.30pm to 9pm.

At 6.30pm, the first 6 teams (or 12 players) at the paddle rack will start on the courts (a blind draw using playing cards will determine starting positions on the court and in the paddle rack). All games are played to 11 win, by 2 switch ends at 6. The winners will serve first and begin on the North end. Games will have a 15 minute time limit. Those who want to enter the Challenge will use the paddle rack located at Court #6. Simply place your and your partners paddle in the next two spaces available. When the games are complete winners, losers and those waiting to enter the Challenge will rotate in the following way.

Winners on the Winners Challenge Court (court #6) will stay

Winners on the Work Up Court #2 (court #7) will move up to the Winners Challenge Court (court #6)

Winners on the Work Up Court #1 (court #8) will move up to Work Up Court #2 (court #7)

Losers on the Winners Challenge Court (court #6) will move down to Work Up Court #2 (court #7)

Losers on Work Up Courts 1 & 2 (court #7 & #8) will exit and go back to the paddle rack located at court 6

The next 4 paddles (2 teams) waiting in the paddle rack will enter the Challenge at Work Up Court 1 (court #8)

Teams will stay with their partners while they are playing. If you lose and exit the courts, you may change partners the next time you re-enter the Challenge, feel free to switch it up if you get knocked off the challenge court!

Games will be limited to 15 minutes using the clock on the wall above court #6, starting promptly at 6.30pm. It is the responsibility of the next 4 players who will be rotating into the Challenge to call time at the 15 minute mark. Games that are tied play a sudden death point to decide the winner.

When will the Challenge Court Series be held?

The Challenge Court Series will occur from 6.30pm to 9pm on the following Thursday night dates:

June 17th

June 24th

July 1st

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