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Challenge Court

Challenge Court


The Challenge Court Rules are as follows:

  1. AdventHealth Covered Court #4 and Metro Health Covered Championship Court are designated as Pictona’s Challenge Courts
  2. All games on the Challenge Courts are doubles played to 11, win by 2, switch ends at 6.
  3. The winning team may stay on the Challenge Court for up to 3 Games, at which time they must relinquish the court.
  4. At the end of each game, the players with the next 2 paddles in the Challenge Court rack will take the court as challengers. If the winning team plays all 3 games, all 4 players must relinquish the court after the 3rd game. Then the next 4 paddles in the Challenge Court rack will take the court.
  5. Exiting teams may place their paddles back in the paddle rack and rejoin the rotation.
  6. A paddle rack will be placed on the North fence of court 4 (closest to the double door entry to the Welcome Desk lobby) for players to stack their paddles to enter the Challenge Court. The paddle rack on the South end of court 4 will remain for players to rotate on and off courts 5-8. There is a table at the east entrance of the Metro Health Championship Court where players can place their paddles to challenge the winners in the next game.

Metro Health Covered Championship Court and AdventHealth Covered Court #4 will be designated as the Challenge Court at all times, with the following exceptions:

  1. Any time the courts are needed to conduct a Pictona instructional class or programming.
  2. Any special event hosted by Pictona where the courts are needed for play.

AdventHealth Covered Court #4 has the additional exceptions:

  1. Monday Night Novice & Beginner Play (5pm - 8pm): Courts 4-8 will be available as Open Play courts for players with a 1.0-2.99 skill rating.
  2. Friday Night Music Night (5pm-9pm): Courts 1-8 will be available as Open Play courts for all players.
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