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Court Protocol

First Serve: Players on the north side serve first.

Changing Sides: By mutual agreement players may or may not choose to change sides at 6 points.

Game Length: Games are played to 11 points, scoring only when serving. Win by 2 points.

Line Calls: Out of bounds calls are made by the team on the side where the ball is judged out. The call may not be overruled by the opposing side, but may be overruled by the partner.

Non-Volley Zone Violations: Players may call Non-Volley Zone Violations and foot faults on the opponent's side of the court. If there is disagreement among players about the called fault, a replay shall occur.

Food and Drinks: No food allowed on courts. Drinks should be placed just outside the courts. 

Equipment Bags: No bags allowed on courts. Bags should be hung on the hooks attached to cords on the outside of the fences. Please do not place bags on the bleachers, which are reserved for people to sit.

Footwear: Only court or athletic shoes are permitted on the pickleball courts. No flip flops, slides, sandals and other casual wear shoes should be worn while playing. No high heels are allowed on the on green or black space between courts 3 & 4.

Music Policy: Music devices other than headphones are not to be played at Pictona. We know that many players enjoy music while playing, but other players in close proximity may not share the same musical tastes. We've reserved the weekends for Music Nights. Pictona plays music throughout the entire facility from 5– 9pm on Fridays, and from 4-7 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Chairs: Bleachers are provided for viewing play. Please do not bring any chairs onto any courts or between courts 3 &4 where the surface is sufficiently soft that the chair feet may poke holes or divots into the surface. 

Court Protocol
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