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We want Pictona to be a fun and safe place for our members to enjoy playing pickleball and other sports. In order to achieve these goals, we ask you to follow these guidelines at Pictona.

Checking In: You will need to check in each time you come to Pictona and we’ve made it simple for you to do so. Upon your first visit to Pictona come to the Welcome Desk on the northside of the Clubhouse OR at our newly opened west gate entrance, a second Welcome Desk is located inside our Players Shop on the west side of this building. If you are joining you’ll have some paperwork to do, have your photo taken, and an ID card given to you. If you are a member already, at this first visit to the Welcome Desk you will have your photo taken and ID card given to you.

You may also download our App to place your membership card on your mobile phone. No card; no problem, just scan your ID with your phone. No card, no phone, still no problem. Give the Welcome Desk Associate your name to match you to the photo on file.

Community Gardens. Pictona offers a community garden on the southwest corner of the grounds. The community garden contains a children’s garden for use by Holly Hill school children to grow vegetables and an adult garden, where any member of the greater Daytona community can rent plots to grow vegetables or flowers. The Gardens also have hydroponic towers, which we use to grow vegetables for The Kitchen and for the personal use of Garden Club members.

Dress. On the pickleball and recreational courts shirts, shorts or pants, dresses and court shoes are required. In the Clubhouse – referring to all indoor spaces – shirts, shoes, pants, shorts, or skirts are also required. When sweating after playing please towel down before entering to avoid dripping on floors and tables.

Food and Drink. The Kitchen at Pictona is the primary source for all food and beverage and is open not only to members but the public. Please encourage your friends and family to patronize The Kitchen. The profits from The Kitchen are a major source for funding the operations of Pictona and keeping your membership fees low. No food or drink on any courts other than water and sport drinks. In other words, no food or drink on surfaces painted green or blue.

No food may be brought into Pictona from the outside. No drinks other than water or sport drinks may be brought into Pictona. Please help us enforce this request.

Food and drink may be taken from The Kitchen to the Loft and any of the viewing areas where bleachers and shade covers are provided. No food or drinks on the courts please. 

To serve you we have 5 Water Stations: one at the Perrott Pavilion, another outside the building under the covered courts, the third inside the Clubhouse by the Welcome Desk, fourth on the wall north of the Center Court in the covered Metro Health Stadium and the fifth on the southside of the bleachers of the Center Court. 

There are several locations outside of the court area where people can bring their own approved food and beverage. We have placed picnic tables in some of these spaces. Immediately west of Pictona on the west side of the railroad tracks is Centennial Park. This is another good space for picnicking.

Games Room. This room is a multi-purpose room. It is usually set up with three ping pong tables. At other times, the room may be used for an educational class or a dinner. It is available to be reserved by members for private parties catered by the Kitchen. The schedule for the Games Room is posted on the Events Calendar (see Pictona>Events).

Locker Rooms. There are 3 full length lockers and 12 half-length lockers in each of the men’s and women’s locker rooms available for day use. Bring your own padlock or if you forget you may borrow one from the from the front desk. Please bring your own towel. We will provide soap and shampoo. Please remove all objects from your locker when leaving and leave the room clean.

Pets. Per the City of Holly Hill ordinance, Sec. 10-45. - Animals prohibited on municipally owned property, pets are not allowed inside the Pictona facility at any time, except for law enforcement dogs, service dogs and dog guides.   We request a vest for all service animals.

Player Shops. Surrounding the Welcome Desk is the Player Shop in our north Clubhouse and another in the southwest corner of our new building on the south end of campus. You’ll find an excellent selection of paddles and other playing gear, including shirts, shorts, and dresses.

Rain and Lightning

Senior Activity Center. The Center is open to the community and to Pictona members. It includes the indoor space for exercise classes, educational programs, and private parties. The outdoor Recreational Courts include 2 shuffleboard courts, one croquet court, 3 bocce ball courts, and two horseshoe pits. Players are encouraged to bring their own equipment, but if they do not have their own, equipment is available in the SAC office or, when closed, at the Welcome Desk without charge.

Sportsmanship. On the courts or off, please embrace these behavioral guidelines:

  • Be respectful of other people and property
  • Be responsible by being dependable and in control of yourself
  • Be caring by having empathy
  • Be honest by being trustworthy and acting with integrity
  • Be fair by following the Golden Rule and being tolerant of others
  • Be a good citizen by protecting others and contributing to the community.

Tobacco. Pictona is a tobacco-free facility including The Kitchen, Clubhouse, community gardens, recreational games outside the Senior Activity Center, and the surrounding parking lots.

Weapons. Firearms and other weapons are not allowed on site at Pictona.

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