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Pictona Pickleball: July Flex Leagues
Stretch Zone

Our Flex Leagues are generously sponsored by Stretch Zone and Progressive Medical Research!

Register Online Here or contact the Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067.

*You MUST be logged into your CourtReserve account to see the Flex Leagues. If you don't have a membership, you can sign up for a free non-member account here.

Flexibility at Its Finest: One of the standout features of our league is its flexibility. Say goodbye to the stress of committing to every game day – with our format, you have the freedom to opt in or out based on your availability. No more worries about letting your team down or scrambling to find a substitute.

Flex League Pricing: We've introduced a more flexible payment option for our leagues! Starting now, instead of paying the full league fee upfront during registration, you'll only need to pay a $5 game day fee each time you opt-in.

  • For Plus Members: Your participation remains complimentary as part of your membership benefits.
  • For Non-Members: In addition to the $5 game day fee, you have two options for game day participation:
    • Purchase a Day Pass
    • Utilize a Punch from a Pic-10 package

Participation Guidelines: League registration slots are limited and we want to make sure spots are taken by players intending to participate regularly. In light of that, there are additional guidelines for Flex League participation.

  • Initial Ranking Penalty: If a player misses the first 2 game days of the FLEX League, they will automatically be moved down to the bottom of the rankings. 
  • Consecutive Absence Penalty: During the FLEX League, if a player misses 2 consecutive game days, they will be manually moved down 2-additional ranking spots. 

By implementing penalties for missing consecutive game days, we aim to discourage non-participation and promote responsible registration behavior among all participants.

Game-day Opt-ins: Opt-in opens 3 days prior to each game day and closes one hour before game day start time. Opted-in players may also opt-out again during that opt-in/opt-out period if necessary. Note that all players are opted-out of every session by default.

To opt-in, log into the CourtReserve app on iOs or the android app and the game days eligible will be at the bottom of the screen. If you prefer to use the website member portal, login to your CourtReserve account and navigate to your league’s tab to opt-in. You can also call the Welcome Desk at 386-310-7067 and a Welcome Desk Associate can opt-you in for any eligible game days. 

Remember, the opt-in period ends one hour before the game day begins to ensure our league coordinator has ample time to set everything up. After the opt-in/opt-out deadline, the list of registered players for that game-day will be considered finalized.

Flex League format: Once registration has closed, the league coordinators will seed the players to get them their starting ranking. We use all data available to us to make an educated decision. We first look at your Player Skill Assessment (PSA) to generally divide the players in the league; beyond that initial grouping, we’ve also reviewed past Flex League performance, past POP programming performance, and DUPR results if available, to establish the most fair and equitable starting rankings.

Each Game Day, you will be assigned a court and you will stay on that court for all of your matches.

If you are on a court with 4-players, you will play with each other person twice for six total games. Games are to 11, win by one, with 66 possible points to earn. 

If there is an uneven number of opt-ins, the bottom court(s) will have 5-players. In this scenario, you will play with each other person on the court once (with one bye), but the games are to 15 points, win by one. There are 60 possible points to earn on 5-player rotation courts. You are not penalized for being on a 5-player court – the system is looking at your performance on your specific court.

Rotation examples:

  • Example 1. 12 players = Three four-player rotations.
  • Example 2. 13 players = Two four-player rotations and one five-player rotation.
  • Example 3. 27 players = Three four-player rotations and three five-player rotations. 

Moving Up and Down in Rank: Players are re-ranked each game day according to the match outcomes using these rules: 

  1. After play, the players in your group will be ranked from 1 to 4 (or 5), depending on the cumulative score of all games.
  2. If you finish first in your group, you move ahead of the player finishing last in the group just above your group.
  3. The #1 ranked player must play or be bumped to #2. The winner of group 1 will be the new #1 ranked player.
  4. Any player who is a “No Show” will be recorded as finishing last in his/her group.
  5. No inactive player can move above an active player.

Explanation of Rule 5: When active players lose and go down in rank, inactive players below them get moved down as well. This rule deliberately encourages participation and may penalize inactivity. ACTIVE players are assured that no INACTIVE player can move from below them to above them in rank regardless of what they do. At the same time INACTIVE players must realize there is nowhere to go but down if they are unable to play. Notice how the three inactive players in the example below all fall between one and four spots in rank.

Submitting Scores: The Flex League is not run by pen and paper – CourtReserve empowers players to submit their own scores so we can cut down on administrative interruptions. Please download the CourtReserve app and login if you haven’t already! Players will submit their own game score on the CourtReserve app. Only 1 player per court needs to submit the score. If a score is submitted incorrectly, the league coordinator can edit the score. 

It is recommended that scores are recorded at the conclusion of each game so that all four players can witness and agree that the entered scores are accurate. When all scores for all matches are recorded for a given game day, the scores will be finalized by the league coordinator.

All game-day scores, game statistics, and league standings will be easily accessible in CourtReserve; while you’re playing you can even see how players on other courts are performing. 

Rules of Play: The rules governing game play shall be those published by the USAP and that are in effect at the time the game is played. In the event of any dispute that cannot be resolved by the players themselves, the league coordinator shall have the final say.

End Changes:

  • Four player rotations: Players do not change ends part way through a game.
  • Five player rotations: Players change ends when one team reaches eight points.

Time Outs: Each team is permitted two time-outs per game (regardless of the rotation type). Each time-out period may last up to one minute. Play will resume after one minute or when all players are ready to resume, whichever occurs first. Players are responsible for monitoring the number of time-outs used and their duration. 

DUPR: Flex League game results will not be submitted to DUPR by Pictona as club matches. It is a player’s prerogative if they want to submit their game-day scores to DUPR as recreation matches, but at least one of the opponents will need to validate the result in DUPR. 

Compliance with Pictona Code of Conduct: All participants must abide by Pictona's Code of Conduct in order to continue participating in POP programming. Violation of the Code of Conduct may result in warnings and possible restrictions of participation in POP programs. Please review the Pictona Code of Conduct for detailed guidelines.

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