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Volunteer of the Month

Pictona has an awesome program to recognize our outstanding volunteers.  One volunteer every month will be formally recognized as "Volunteer of the Month" and be granted exclusive access to this designated Parking Space just steps away from the front entrance of the north building on Pictona Campus.

Criteria for consideration:

  • Must be registered in Signup Genius as a member of the Pictona Success Team.
  • Must be a Pictona member.
  • Exhibits commendable Pictona spirit while volunteering or playing at Pictona (is always an ambassador of sorts).
  • Goes above and beyond to make sure that any guest who walks through our doors feels welcomed and is given direction as required for their visit.
  • Expresses the positive aspects of giving back to Pictona as a volunteer, by serving as a good role model to other volunteers.
  • Has respect for all of our members and guests Is dependable and willing to help or assist when asked.
  • Provides helpful feedback to volunteer coordinator so we can suggest improvements for our programs, events, tournaments, etc. to retain and grow our membership one person at a time!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

January  - Trish Kabus

February  - John Cowne
March - Dan Hopkins
April - Alex Youngblood
May - Edward Juskelis
June - Greg Bottom
July - Beth Payne
August - Corrie Wise
September - Lisa Hopkins
October - Jim Rohrbach
November - Leslie Gray


January - Mike Berman
February - Toni Bocz
March - Nancy Atkins
April - Colleen & Roger Holt
May - Steve & Robbie Walton





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