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Pictona Success Team

Pictona Success Team of Volunteers

Pictona is a club supporting the growing sport of pickleball. As volunteers, we will help execute successful tournaments and events, and create a better experience for all! 

All PICTONA VOLUNTEERS will receive the following:

(1) FREE MEAL TICKET on the day you volunteer (must work a minimum of three hours per day to receive)(2) FREE GENERAL ADMISSION to all pickleball matches. Pictona doesn't usually charge to be a spectator, but Tournaments that feature Professional players, probably will require us to. Our volunteers will get to sit in the bleachers to watch the TOP PROS in our MetroHealth Championship Center Court on the day they volunteer.(3) Members of our Pictona Success Team, are eligible to be selected as "VOLUNTEER of the MONTH." They will be awarded a primo parking spot, just steps away from our north entrance for the entire month! (4) Invitation to our Volunteer Appreciation BBQ in April, during National Volunteer Month. All members of the Pictona Success Team that volunteered during the previous 12 months will be invited to attend.(5) STARTING IN FEBRUARY... Karen Dillard - REALTOR® of Realty Pros Assured, Pictona Member and current sponsor of our PB101 FREE classes, will be donating a ONE MONTH PICTONA MEMBERSHIP to ONE LUCKY member of the Pictona Success Team EVERY month during tournament season. This will be a random drawing held on the last day of the month. Volunteers will receive an entry into the drawing for EVERY 3 hour shift completed!

CLICK HERE to join the Pictona Success Team. 

Thank you!

CLICK HERE to see Karen Dillard of Realty Pros drawing TWO winners for February, 2023.


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