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MetroHealth Yoga

Greg Adkins, Instructor

Pickleball and yoga. Together at last. Having discovered pickleball in 2022, Greg realized quickly how beneficial yoga practice would be to his game. “The stretching and strengthening in yoga have been invaluable,” he says. “And although I still have so much to learn on the court, my time in the [yoga] studio has made a huge and positive impact on my game, both mentally and physically.” Greg began practicing yoga in 2017 and is currently on track to reach the 200-hour mark as a Registered Yoga Teacher by end of the year. His classes will be geared toward beginner and intermediate students and will emphasize strengthening and flexibility of muscles and joints most used during pickleball, though you needn’t be a player to attend. He looks forward to seeing you on the mat… and on the court! 

Class Details

When: Thursdays, 11 - 12 pm 
Location:  The Heron Room in Pictona 2 
Cost: Donations Accepted ($3 - 6 per participant, per class recommended)
What to wear? Comfortable athletic clothing
What to bring? Water (and a friend, if you like!)

Greg - Yoga
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