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Pre-payment Policy

At Pictona we are committed to providing our members and visitors with a seamless and efficient experience when participating in our events and programs. To streamline our operations and ensure the smooth functioning of our club, we have implemented a pre-payment policy for all events and programs.

Pre-Payment Requirement: All participants are required to pre-pay for events and programs offered by Pictona.

Registration and Payment: Registration will not be considered complete until payment is received in full.

Refund and Cancellation Policy: Refunds will be provided in accordance with our established refund and cancellation policy, which can be found on our website or obtained from our facility staff.

Reasoning: This policy has been established to enhance the overall experience of our participants and to ensure the efficient operation of our club. Pre-payment helps us allocate resources, plan appropriately, and minimize administrative challenges associated with unpaid and pending registrations.

Disclaimer: Pictona reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Participants will be informed of any changes through our website or direct communication.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in adhering to this policy, as it enables us to continue providing high-quality pickleball events and programs.


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