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Tournament Play

Pictona hosts a series of tournaments each year to provide members and non-members with an opportunity to play pickleball in a competitive format. These tournaments also generate revenue to help support Pictona’s operating expenses. We thank our many members who volunteer their time to help conduct these tournaments.


2021 Tournament Schedule


March 13-14, 2021  Spring Singles at Pictona

Enjoy our beautiful spring along with the Pictona courts for a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  SINGLES tournament. You are guaranteed 4 matches and an arduous workout. 

For details, click here.

Register at PickleballTournaments.com


March 27, 2021  Florida Cup

 This is a one-day event with teams of 6 players (3 pairs) playing other teams from around Florida in a round-robin format. The teams are gender neutral. Teams will play as 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5 with no age categories.

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April 7-11, 2021  Humana-Island Doctors Bainbridge Cup 2021 Tournament

It’s the first time this international tournament will be held in the United States. Conducted in cooperation with the International Federation of Pickleball, the tournament will take place over 5 days. We will offer men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles, with 5 skill levels and 8 age groups resulting in 40 different categories of competition. Singles will be a demonstration event. The tournament is open to players from around the world.

For more information and to register go to Pickleball Tournaments.com


April 30, May 1-2  Rookie Rally at Pictona

 If the pickleball bug has bitten you recently and you are working on mastering your skills, then Pictona’s Rookie Rally is a tournament just for you. It is your opportunity to play others of like skill and age in a fun round robin format. Team up with your partner to play men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles at the 2.5 and 3.0 skill level.


For details, click here.

Register at PickleballTournaments.com


May 17-19  Super Seniors at Pictona

You are a super senior ready to play pickleball with players your age and skill level. Welcome to the Super Seniors at Pictona Tournament (not an SSIPA event). We’ll welcome you to one of the finest pickleball facilities in the world and guarantee you 3 matches and possibly a playoff. 

For details, click here.

Register at PickleballTournaments.com


October 21-24, 2021  2nd Annual Fall Vintage Tournament

 Join us for a bountiful 2nd annual Fall Vintage Tournament at one of the finest pickleball facilities in the world. We’ve expanded the tournament to 4 days to accommodate six age divisions and 5 skill levels, retaining our popular round-robin format. Check out the details below and then join us for a spectacular tournament.

For details, click here.

Register at PickleballTournaments.com


December 3-5, 2021  Team America Pickleball Challenge

 Bring your 6-8 players to Pictona to play team pickleball. In 3 age groups and 4 skill levels your team of Men’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Women’s Doubles will challenge other teams in a round robin format. Learn more about this exciting way to play pickleball with friends.

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Registration not yet available.



Bainbridge Cup Premium and RV Parking 





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