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DUPR @ Pictona

Why are we integrating DUPR at Pictona?

At Pictona, our commitment to providing an exceptional experience for players at all levels is unwavering. The integration of the DUPR system serves several crucial purposes:

  • Enhanced Programming: Introducing DUPR provides an additional information point about our players' skill levels, allowing us to tailor our programs more precisely to meet the diverse needs of our community.
  • Competitiveness and Fairness: DUPR brings a new level of competitiveness, fairness, and enjoyment to the sport. Through rating-restricted events, every player will have a chance for challenging yet fair match-ups.
  • Skill-Based Community: By fostering a healthy, competitive environment, DUPR encourages players to strive for improvement and fosters a community where individuals of similar skill levels can compete against each other.
  • Objective Evaluation: Eliminating personal biases in our programmed play, DUPR ensures that players of similar skill levels are matched up accurately, promoting fair and engaging gameplay.

How will we use DUPR at Pictona?

  • DUPR Restricted Events: Sign-ups for specific events will be restricted to players within a certain DUPR skill range. For instance, a player with a DUPR of 3.72 won't be eligible to sign up for a 3.0 event or a 4.0+ event. They will be restricted to 3.5 level events.
    • Should you feel that your current DUPR rating does not align with your skill proficiency, you have the option to present a POR or CSA rating issued within the last 6 months. These recent assessments, reflecting your current abilities, will take precedence in registering for skill-restricted events or activities.
  • Reporting Scores to DUPR: Not all Pictona or POP events will have scores submitted to DUPR. However, events where scores are reported will provide a more accurate rating. Participation in these events may include a small additional fee to support data submission to DUPR.

Skill-Restricted Events Without a DUPR Rating

If you're eager to join DUPR restricted events but haven't obtained a DUPR rating yet, Pictona also offers two comprehensive Player Skill Assessments tailored to meet your needs:

  • Player Orientation Rating (POR): Designed for players seeking a fundamental rating to navigate match-ups with other players effectively. POR provides a basic orientation of your skill level.
  • Comprehensive Skill Assessment (CSA): This assessment is more comprehensive and specifically crafted for players aiming to determine their skill rating for tournaments and those seeking a structured plan to enhance their gameplay. CSA helps map a route for skill improvement.
  • Both POR and CSA ratings will take precedence over DUPR scores for club activities that are restricted by skill level.
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