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DUPR Integration: How-to Guide

There are two ways to integrate your DUPR rating into your Pictona account with CourtReserve.

  1. Join Pictona as a club on DUPR and CourtReserve will automatically link your DUPR score within 24 hours.
    • Ensure your name in DUPR matches exactly with your name in CourtReserve.
    • e.g., If you are John A Doe in DUPR but John Doe in our system, you should update your personal details in CourtReserve to First Name: John A Last Name: Doe.
  2. Link your DUPR ID through a player verification process on the CourtReserve Member Portal (website only, not the app).
    • Players not linked on the member portal will see an orange button to link their DUPR account
    • The button will open a dialog box for the user to enter their DUPR login credentials
    • Once the credentials are inputted, the member will verify they are linking the correct account.
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