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Rain and Lightning


Lightning. Florida has more lightning strikes than any other state. When lightning is detected within 10 miles of Pictona everyone in the following locations must move indoors immediately: all uncovered courts, under the 10 shade structures, under the SR Perrott Pavilion, the picnic pavilion, and the recreation courts.

Play may continue under the covered courts when it is lightning in the area. The Lightning Protection System on the covered courts and clubhouse provides us with a dome of protection within the covered courts. When lightning is in the area please stay within the covered courts and avoid touching metal within the covered court area, and especially the beams that support the roof. You may safely sit on the aluminum bleachers.

We will sound an alarm when lightning is detected and announce on the PA system that everyone must evacuate the areas mentioned above immediately. Members may enter the clubhouse and Kitchen, go to the loft, or stay under the covered courts. Your auto is also a safe place, unless you have a convertible with the roof down! NOAA advises that we should not return to our outside spaces until 30 minutes after the last lightning flash within the 10-mile zone. We will announce when it is all clear.

When It Rains. On the uncovered courts play should ceased immediately to avoid injury from slipping. For the covered courts, when it rains straight down the courts remain dry. When the wind drives the rain sideways some of the covered courts get wet. When the covered courts remain dry we will have all playable courts become open play courts. If a covered court is being used as a reserved court, the players will finish their current game, and then the court becomes part of open play. Courts reserved for instruction are permitted to finish the hour lesson and then the court converts to open play. Lessons not yet begun, will be cancelled to permit open play.

Drying Uncovered Courts. Please help in drying the uncovered courts when it stops raining. We have large squeegees on wheels to remove any standing water. Next we have our custodian’s invention to efficiently drag towels over the courts to further remove moisture. The equipment is located in Preservation Palace, our maintenance storage building and will be made available by staff.

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