1060 Ridgewood Ave, Holly Hill, FL 32117
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Courts & Parking

Court layout. We have 24 courts (see the site plan below) and they are organized into pods. The 8 covered courts are the first pod. Then we have 6 East Pod courts, 6 West Pod courts, and 4 South Pod courts. Court numbers are clearly marked on the site map, and the numbers within the pods run from west to east. Note our distinctive paddles that designate each court, made for us by member Ken Laprall.


Traffic and Parking Guidelines

Pictona has a ring road that is called Pictona Way. It circles the entire facility and is paved except for the west side of the road that runs between the courts and the dry retention pond called Eagle’s Hollow.

The primary entrance to Pictona is from Ridgewood Avenue entering the northern most driveway. The main exit is onto Ridgewood Avenue leaving Pictona from the southern driveway. The alternate entrance/exit is from 10th street, just before the railroad tracks.

Traffic flows two-ways on the paved roads. That’s from the North Front Parking and Ospreyland Parking Lots to the Eastside and Gazebo parking areas. Cars may exit onto the unpaved road from Ospreyland and North Front Parking by driving south. The unpaved section of Pictona Way is one-way traffic going from north to south. Signs identify these landmarks.

Parking Lots. See attached site plan that marks the various parking areas.

  • North Front Parking. Paved, 90-degree or head-in parking. 35 regular spaces plus 3 handicapped spaces.
  • Ospreyland Parking. Unpaved but stabilized parking. Enter on the east end by the lift station and dumpster and exit at the west end. DO NOT PARK IN THIS SPACE ON WEDNESDAYS when the grass is mowed. Please park in three rows running east to west. Row 1 is along the curb; row 2 in the middle, and row 3 along the north side of the lot. This lot and the North Front Parking lot will be the preferred spaces for closer access to the Welcome Desk. Do not park in front of the dumpsters.
  • Eastside Parking. Paved, 90-degree parking. 20 spaces plus 2 handicapped; most but not all spaces are reserved for the Chamber of Commerce and Museum as well as for the public’s use to dine at The Kitchen. Members should not park in these posted spaces.
  • Gazebo Parking. Paved, 90-degree parking. 39 spaces plus 3 handicapped
  • Eagle’s Hollow Parking. Unpaved, dry retention pond, angle parking defined by ropes.
  • South Road Parking. Follows Pictona Way from the west end of the Gardens to the day care property. Estimate 40 spaces which will need to be defined. During tournaments this space is available for RV parking for a fee and for Premium Auto & Tent parking for a fee.
Pictona Courts Layout
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