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Posted on August 27, 2020


The Kitchen.  Good news. We had our best sales in The Kitchen last week. We appreciate your patronage of The Kitchen because profits from it support our Pictona operation expenses and that will help keep your membership dues at the low price they are now.

Invite your fellow pickleball players to share lunch or dinner, or a refreshing drink after playing. Let family and friends know that The Kitchen is open to the public.

You may have noticed that we have reserved six parking spaces for the public to use when coming to The Kitchen. We appreciate Pictona members not parking in these spaces.

The Dinner Menu is now available after 5 pm in The Kitchen along with our Day Menu. I’ve heard nothing but compliments for Quintin and his team for the six dinner entries.

Player Shop. It’s now open thanks to Julie Martens and the help of many. Paddles, balls, shirts, hats, and a variety of other items are available as you enter or pass through the Welcome Desk. We’re pleased to feature our own Nancy Tedeschi’s Bella Bella line of women’s pickleball clothing. Whether your purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone else, your purchases also help support the costs of operating Pictona.

Recreation Courts. We’re ready for you to expand your sporting skills by playing shuffleboard, croquet, bocce ball, and horseshoes. Try out our professional courts. You can borrow the equipment from our Senior Activity Center Director, Rynn Goldstein, or at the Welcome Desk. 

Table Tennis. Our Pictona Table Tennis Club is eager for new members and will offer an introductory Table Tennis 101 class. Check the Pictona Calendar to sign up. Or just pop in and try your hand at this great sport.

Pickleball Tutor Ball Machines. We have two machines now. Sylvia Whitehouse donated her machine and Julie and I donated our machine. They both are working. They are on carts to make it easy to wheel out to the courts. Balls are in two boxes. You can rent the Tutor machines for $10 an hour at the Welcome Desk. Be sure to remove all balls when returning the machine, otherwise there is the chance of the ball getting jammed.

Covid-19. I appreciate your acceptance of our rule to wear masks except when playing on the courts. I know it is not comfortable, especially when just coming off the court and your hot, sweaty, and winded. Also please keep trying to maintain the recommended six feet from others. By doing these things and with some luck, we can continue to play pickleball. 

Come to Pictona.org for frequent updates.


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