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Chase Blocker

Greater Daytona Area Pickleball Instructor Profile

Name: Chase Blocker

Email: chase.a.blocker@gmail.com

Preferred way to contact: Email

Social media links:

Type of instruction (individual/group; players any skill level):

Locations where instruction is offered: Pictona, Daytona Beach Shores, Port Orange, Deland, New Smyrna, Sanford, and surrounding areas.

Qualifications (certifications, years of experience):-Pictona Certified Associate Instructor
-1 year of experience before Pictona Certification

$65 / Hour $85  / Hour for 2 people  $105 / Hour for 3 people Larger groups and clinics are negotiated at booking.

Teaching PhilosophyI often start with making sure students have effective and reliable techniques for all of the fundamental shots, or whatever shots they are struggling with. If a student is struggling in a certain scenario, such as being aggressive, it is often beneficial to teach them a new shot (backhand roll, topspin drive, etc.). Adding new shots is also great for players who feel like they’ve plateaued. As the student hits more and more of whatever shot is being improved, they receive plenty of positive reinforcement and patience along the way as they develop a technique they can perform consistently. Simulating match situations with drills is often effective.

As a constant student of the game, I excel at recognizing and explaining what students could improve at, regardless if it’s in the realm of strategy, skill, or pickleball IQ. Most of my lessons are very different depending on what is optimal for each student.

I believe every player should understand the significant difference between a push dink and a dead dink!

Chase Blocker Instructor
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