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Our goal is to help our members enjoy pickleball more. All of us want to master the skills of the sport to some level, whether it is to have fun playing at a recreational level or to challenge yourself by playing competitively, striving to become a 4.0 or 5.0 player. Here’s what Pictona offers you to improve your play:

Pickleball 101 This class introduces players to the sport in an hour session, learning about the basic skills, players’ positions, and scoring. Pictona offers PB101 for members and nonmembers at no cost. Go to Pickleball 101 to learn more.

Pickleball 102: This class  is our follow up class for students that have attended PB101.  Students will play while reviewing scoring, positioning, serve and return of serve.  Basic drills will be introduced to improve stroke mechanics.  Go to Pickleball 102 to learn more.

Pickleball 201 You have had a chance to play with others to improve your understanding of the game.  You are confident in scoring, player positioning while serving and receiving and you can maintain a short rally. Now, you want to advance your skills and  knowledge of game strategy. Go to Pickleball 201 to learn more.

Pickleball 301 Reaching a 3.0 skill level is a milestone for every player as they progress through their pickleball journey. Attaining the skills and knowledge to play at this level will give you the confidence to participate in open play, leagues and tournaments. Go to Pickleball 301 to learn more.

Pickleball 401 You have attended PB301 or are competent in the skills presented in that class. PB401 is a class  for 3.5 and 4.0 level participants who have participated in this level of recreational play at Pictona or in tournaments. Emphasis in this course is to cover concepts for advanced play, such as, partner communication, stacking, switching, offensive and defensive lobs, topspin forehand, dinking with a purpose, overhead smash, and isolating weak opponent. Go to Pickleball 401 to learn more.

Specialty Classes These classes will be offered periodically.  They will target a specific skill for drilling and improving. This is a 60 minute class open to members and non-members and is limited to 8 participant in order to maximize your opportunity to learn. Go to Specialty Classes to learn more.

Private Lessons  We have a group of excellent certified instructors who offer their services for a fee. Go to Private Lessons to learn about each instructor and sign up for a lesson.

Clinics  At Pictona a clinic is an advanced instructional program taught by a certified instructor who is visiting Pictona. We aspire to bring to Pictona nationally recognized players and instructors to provide you the opportunity to improve your skills. These clinics will be announced in advance, require registration, and the payment of a fee.

Video Analysis  Pictona offers you the use of a video camera (iPhone) mounted on a gorilla pod to video your play when taking a private lesson or regular play without charge. When you are done videoing return the camera and tripod to the Welcome Desk and ask the associate to download the video to our computers located in the Games Room for you to view and study. Instructors are encouraged to use the video to enhance instruction with their students. Later the video is accessible by you on any of your devices via the internet. 

Ball Machine  We have two ball machines that may be rented to practice your skills. Ask at the Welcome Desk to rent a machine. The charge is $10 for one hour.

Referee Training  Many players and non-players enjoy being part of pickleball by becoming referees. Pictona will offer referee training These classes are offered the second and fourth Thursday of every month beginning August 13, 2020, and are open to all members at no cost. Please go to Referee Training to learn more.

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