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321 Realty

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321 Realty
141 S. Courtenay Pkwy
Merritt Island, FL 32952
(321) 586-3222

321 Realty is our sponsor for Pickleball 101.  Their $5,000 per year sponsorship will help us recruit new pickleball enthusiasts through our free Pickleball 101 program.   We're grateful for their contribution to PB101 and thankful to have them on board as a major sponsor.

God, Family, Real Estate. Those are their priorities and in that order. 321 Realty is your Florida Native Broker with a team of honest, genuine, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, customer service driven, Realtors to exceed your expectations. 

"321" is SO much more than an area code. Born and raised in Brevard County, 321's founder Stephen Guidry grew up as a "NASA Kid" in the space program. His Dad was one of the original NASA Engineers in the late 1950's/early 1960's  and working for NASA was his one and only job straight out of college, continuing for 35+ years. Their family and the entire community had (and still have) a huge sense of pride and responsibility to the community, their neighbors, and the space program. The 321 Realty Team maintains that same sense of pride, responsibility, and commitment to YOU!

321 Realty services the entire state of Florida and have offices in Merritt Island, Flagler Beach, and Cocoa Beach. 


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