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Maintenance Help

We have much that needs to be done. Pictona is now a year old, and more people use the facility each day.

  • Todd Phillips and Keith Howell have volunteered to repair and maintain our 3 ball machines for use by our members. Thank you.
  • Dan and Lisa Hopkins stepped up to develop our Friends of Pictona paddle recognition program which you will see on the walls of Preservation Palace soon. Thank you.

We have had many other people volunteer their time to help at tournaments, with instruction, and many other tasks. We cannot afford to hire help for all that needs to be done, even if we could find the help. By volunteering you help us keep our membership fees low.

We have two types of jobs that need to be done. The first is ongoing custodial and maintenance work and the second are one-time tasks. Please review the list below. If you have the time and desire to help, email Rainer@hkusa.com with the task you are willing to help with.


Ongoing Tasks

  • Court cleaning. Blow the courts clean and remove bird poop. Our expert poop remover will show you how. This task is done first thing in the morning. We need 3-4 people who will each take 2-3 days a week to clean the courts.
  • Net patrol. Once a week check the height of the nets and adjust as needed. Remove mildew from the white vinyl at the top of the net. Adjust the bottom of the net so balls will roll under the net. Two people needed.
  • Maintain the loft. Twice a week or as needed check the loft to see that it is clean. Wastebaskets emptied, floor cleaned, chairs wiped clean, tables cleaned, and stairwells cleaned. Two people needed.
  • Weed and rock patrol. Once a week walk the grounds to remove weeds finding their way through weed barriers and rocks. Included are the plant beds immediately outside the building and parking spaces. Also redistribute the rock coverings that are moved by the rain and foot traffic. Two people.
  • Recreation court maintenance. (These are the bocce ball, croquet, shuffleboard, and horseshoe pits.) At least twice a week or as needed, remove debris from the courts and ensure the courts are ready for play. Quarterly groom the carpet with a machine. Two people.


For these tasks we would like at least two people so one is a backup when the other cannot be available. Pictona will provide the materials you need and show you what needs to be done. Once we employ a full-time maintenance person, we may no longer need help with all these tasks. Sign up at the Welcome Desk or email Rainer@hkusa.com.


One-time Tasks

  • Furniture repair. Some of our metal furniture that is exposed to the elements needs touch up painting. Also some of the feet on chairs and tables need repair. This may likely become an ongoing task. 1 person, 4-6 hours
  • Preservation Palace improvement. Paint the interior of the Palace to make operational for tournament management. 2 people, 8 hours
  • Replace cords. We have more durable cords for the windscreens on courts 1-8 that need to be replaced. 2 people, 4 hours. Requires climbing on ladder.
  • Court sign repair. The attractive paddles that number our courts need repair and remounting. 1-2 people, 10-15 hours
  • Repaint blue bleachers. Bill Cook has already agreed to lead this job, but he needs two people to assist. 3 people, 8 hrs
  • Loft tables. These tables need another coat of paint. 1-2 people. 4 hrs.
  • Garden weed barrier. The weeds are going wild by coming through the weed barrier. The surface under the barrier is uneven in places. We need to even out the ground, repair the weed barrier, and clean up the grounds. 6-8 people, 4-6 hours

You provide the labor and Pictona will provide all materials and instructions for the work to be done. Thank you. Sign up at the Welcome Desk or email Rainer@hkusa.com.


Special Task

  • Hurricane Preparation and Recovery. In the event that a hurricane or storm with high winds (above 40 mph) is predicted to hit the area we need a Hurricane Preparation and Recovery team to be on standby. The team will pull back the windscreens on courts 1-8, will roll up the windscreens that surround the property, and will move all furniture inside. The large shade screens over the outside bleachers will be removed by the City. When the storm has passed we need to restore the facility to its normal condition. We need 10-15 people to be on standby that we will call when needed. You can sign up for Hurricane Preparation and Recovery at the Welcome Desk or by emailing Rainer@hkusa.com with your phone number and days that you are not available through December.
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