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Daytona Beach Classic

Daytona Beach Classic for PW Web 6.14.23

Event Days & Times
Friday, November 3 - Womens Doubles, Mens Singles
Saturday, November 4 - Mixed Doubles
Sunday, November 5 - Mens Doubles, Womens Singles

Matches begin at 8am each day. We will not have the exact bracket start times until after registration closes.

All UTPR ratings will be updated prior to creating the final brackets/schedule to ensure accurate brackets. Please make sure your rating is correct. If you self-rated, you will be put into the bracket indicated in your profile.

We do not use DUPR ratings as we have no easy way to cross-reference registered players with possible DUPR ratings.

Bracket Formats

    • 1-3 Teams - Combined with another bracket(s)
    • 4-5 teams - Round Robin 2/3 to 11 or 1 to 15 based on circumstances (ex. time, weather, age) - both formats are allowed under USAPA Sanctioning rules
    • 6+ teams - Traditional double-elimination bracket (matches are 2/3 to 11) with a come-around (matches are 1 to 15)

If a bracket is unable to finish due to weather and enough matches have been played to determine placements, we will use approved USAPA rules to determine placements.

USAPA rules will be followed.

Register for the Tournament HERE
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