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Team America Challenge - CANCELLED

Tournament Planner
Name Team America Challenge      
Dates December 3-5, 2021      
Purpose A major "team" tournament      
Tournament Manager Rainer Martens      
Tournament Director          
Registration Fee $75 per player; non-player coach $30    
Team defined Team is comprised of a minimum of 6 players and maximum 
  of 8 players; 4 women and 4 men    
Coach A team may have a coach who may be one of the players or not. 
Eligibility Open to any group wishing to form a team    
Team Play Men’s doubles (MD), Women’s Doubles (WD), and Mixed Doubles (XD)
  Team A plays MD, WD, and XD, 3 matches, against Team B. 
Format 4-team round robin with playoffs when multiple brackets 
Team Scoring 1 point for each individual match win + 1 pt for team win (3-0 or 2-1)
Skill categories 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+      
Age categories <50, 50+, 65+      
Match Length 60 mins 2 out of 3 to 11      
Hours per day 10 8a to 6p      
Number of days 3 65+ Fri, under 50 Sat, 50+ Sunday  
Number of courts 12 West and south pods     
Playoffs 3 Courts 15, 18, 6    
Court space/day 120 Hrs/day * Courts + playoffs    
Total court spaces 360 For entire tournament + playoffs  
Substitutions Substitutions may be made between games, but not during a game.
  If an injury occurs during a game and the player is unable to continue,
  the pair defaults that game. This rule is  to prevent players from
  feigning injuries to make a substitution.     
Coaching Coaches may coach between games and at timeouts.   
  A coach may not coach between points.     
  A coach may call a timeout to then coach.   
  Only 2 timeouts per game.       
Teams per bracket 4        
Matches per bracket 6 N*(N-1)/2      
Brackets played/day 16 Plus playoffs      
Medals 1st and 2nd        
    Under 50 50+ 65+  
Max brackets/skill   4 4 4  
Players per age    96 96 96  
It requires 3 hours using 2 courts to play a round robin in one bracket.   
Within an age division play will begin at 8a to 11a to complete 4 brackets on 12 courts. 
From 11a to 12p, playoffs on 3 courts.      
4 brackets begin at 11a and complete at 2p. (use 3 more courts)    
From 2p to 3p, playoffs on 3 courts.        
4 brackets begin at 3p and complete at 6p. (use 3 more courts)    
From 6p to 7p, playoffs on 3 courts.        
Initially we will permit 8 teams to register in each of 4 skill categories, creating 2 brackets
We will wait list others and then consolidate brackets as needed and invite teams on 
the wait list to fill the brackets. We may have only 1 bracket in some categories. 
We will have playoffs for 1st place teams only, played on courts 15, 18, and 6  
With 2 bracket playoffs we will play a regular match. With 3 brackets we will play a round robin,
one game to 15. If a tie, the tie breaker will be total  point differential for all match play.
If there is a 4-bracket playoff, we will  create a 4-team single elimination bracket, 
and assign teams randomly to the bracket.  1 game to 15 for each match.  
When we have less than 4 teams per bracket, we'll play a team within a bracket more than once.
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