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Moon Over Pictona

Moon Over Pictona is scheduled for August 5-7, 2021.    Play will begin at 5 pm followed by a playoff at 8 pm in each age/skill category. From 9 to 10+ pm end an enjoyable evening with “I’m not crying in my beer” party. Beer and snacks included in the registration fee.

Aug 5-7      50+ 3.0, 60+ 3.0, 50+ 3.5, 60+ 3.5               Register here

For each of the age/skill categories we will have two brackets of 4 pairs. Play will be round robin, 2 out of 3 to 11. Playoffs will be 2 out of 3 to 11. If we do not fill an age/skill category, we will open registration for a 3rd or 4th bracket to one of the other categories. If we have 3 brackets in an age/skill category, we will play a round robin of the winners of each bracket, one game to 11. If we have 4 brackets (not likely), we will play a single elimination among the 4 winners of each bracket, one game to 11 points.

All matches will be played on our 16 outdoor courts which are superbly lit with LED lights. In the event of rain, we will move play to the covered courts, playing one game to 15.

For the 4 age/skill categories offered we can accommodate 2 brackets of 4 pairs or a total of 8 pairs or 16 players per category. Maximum number of players each day will be 64. Women play on Thursday, Mixed on Friday, Men on Saturday. Register early in your age/skill category for this “cool” summer event.  

The registration fee is $50 for each player, which includes drinks and food at the “I’m not crying in my beer” party. Guests are invited to the party. The fee is $15, payable at the time of player registration.  

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