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Humana-Island Doctors Bainbridge Cup Tournament

The International Federation of Pickleball (IFP), the world governing body for the sport, conducted this tournament first in Spain in 2017, then Italy in 2018, Germany in 2019, and was scheduled for 2020 in England but was cancelled. Pictona is proud to be the host to the Humana-Island Doctors Bainbridge Cup Tournament, the first time it is being held in the United States, from April 7 through the 11th.

Format: The tournament will be organized by skill (3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, and 5.0) and age (19+, 35+, 50+, 60+, 65+, 70+, and 75+) for men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. Play will be round robin format with playoffs. Men’s and Women’s singles will be played as a demonstration event in 2021 to determine if there is enough interest in to justify devoting more time for singles. Singles will be organized by skill (3.5, 4.0, & 4.5) and age (19+, 35+, 50+, and 65+).

Click here to see more information about the format of the tournament and to stay up on the latest developments for the tournament.

East versus West: The tournament will conduct play as the East versus the West. East of the Mississippi and Europe will be one team and west of the Mississippi and Asia will be the other team. Players are encouraged to register for the East or the West Team based on their country of residence. Pro players will serve as coaches for the East and West teams.

Tournament Ball: The Franklin X.

Registration: 1/30/21 – 2/14/21 Open to all players at 3 pm EST.


Qualification: Membership in USA Pickleball is required. Cost is $20 per year.  Click here to find out how to sign up for your USA Pickleball membership.
Players with an primary mailing address not in North America will receive a discount in their registration fees to cover the cost of their membership.

Cost: $125 to enter all eligible events. Deadline for registration payments is 02/14/2021.
After this date players with unpaid fees will be moved to waiting lists.


Cancellation Policy: For information about cancellation and refund policies click here.

Lodging: Information about lodging we have arranged with hotels in the area is available by selecting the lodging tab on Pickleball Tournaments here. Be sure to use the links or call and request the Humana-Island Doctors Bainbridge Cup discount rate.


Players Needing Partners:  If you are currently registered and still need a partner for an event please click the Players Needing Partners tab on the tournament page here.


Check-in: Registration Check-in for the tournament begins at 3:00 pm on April 6, 2021. Access to Pictona is free from that time onward throughout the tournament. Practice on the 24 courts is available on a first come basis. Courts close at 9 pm. Players may also pick up their tournament bags and team shirts at that time. Check in is also available each day from 7 am to 2 pm.


Spectators: We welcome non-players to observe their friends and family playing pickleball. There is no entrance fee. However, you must abide by our Covid-19 rules and register your presence at our Welcome Desk. Pictona's Covid-19 policy is available online here.

Refereeing: Referees will be working all playoff matches, but not pool play.


Referees, Exhibitors, and Volunteers: Our spacious Senior Activity Center will be reserved for you to relax in air conditioning and watch play streamed onto our large video screen. Enjoy a beverage and snack as well.

Practice Courts During the Tournament:   Practice courts are available across the street from Pictona next to the YMCA building throughout the  tournament. If a  Pictona court is not being used, players may warmup on these courts but must exit once the next assigned group appears.

Personal Chairs: The playing surface at Pictona (areas painted green or blue) is a special synthetic coating specifically for pickleball. It is quite soft and easily damaged by the feet on most recreational and camping chairs. Personal chairs are allowed but please keep them on the cement pathways and grass areas to prevent damaging the court surfaces.


Site Map: See the map of Pictona for the locations of the courts and parking area surrounding Pictona here


Viewing:  Pictona is designed to optimize viewing of play on all courts without looking through a fence or windscreen and doing so sitting on bleachers with shade covers. Grab a sandwich or salad at our restaurant and go upstairs to the Loft to have a magnificent view of play on courts 1 to 8. 

Food and Beverage Service: Pictona has a restaurant on site, brilliantly named THE KITCHEN. It’s located next to court 8. Great salads, wraps, and hot sandwiches. Try one of our  smoothies to boost your energy for that winning rally. We have fruit, energy bars, and snacks. Grab some food to go and head up to the Loft to watch pickleball played on courts 1-8 or any of the shaded seating located around the uncovered courts.

The Kitchen is open from 8 am to 10 pm during the tournament. Beer and wine available.

Pavilion Grill: Nestled between the East, West, and South pods of courts is our Pavilion Grill, cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and offering our variety of wraps. Beer and wine available. Take your food and drink to the picnic tables under the SR Perrott Pavilion to relax.

Water Stations: You’ll find three water stations to get cold water to drink and fill your bottles. One is located inside adjacent to the Player Shop, another by court 5, and the other at Preservation Palace where tournament central is.

Food and Beverage Policy: We do not permit food and beverage, other than water and sports drinks, to be brought into Pictona. We are a not-for-profit club operated by our 600 members. Revenue from The Kitchen and Pavilion Grill help support the operation of the facility. We appreciate you respecting this request.

Parking:  General parking is free and readily available at Pictona. Parking attendants will direct you to available parking spaces. See the Pictona Site Map for parking locations.  


VIP Parking: The Grand Lawn area will be designated for VIP parking for the following persons:

  1. BC21 and IFP officials
  2. Exhibitors
  3. Major Tournament Sponsors
  4. Holly Hill City Officials
  5. Board Members
  6. Pictona Employees

Premium Parking: We also have 20 premium parking spaces for autos and autos with small campers and tents. They are located a short walking distance to the courts, restrooms, and food pavilion through the south gate. There are no utility hook ups at these spaces. Space is available from Tuesday, 4-6-21 to 4-12-21. Fee is $60 for the entire tournament; daily fee $15, minimum of 3 days. See the Pictona Premium Parking map here.  Reservations are highly recommended. Call Pictona 386-310-7067 to reserve.


RV Parking: Pictona has 11 RV parking spaces available that are a short walk to the courts through the south gate, see the RV Parking map here. The spaces are 25 feet wide, 60 feet deep. No utilities. Parking is available from Tuesday, 4-6-21 to 4-12-21. Fee is $200 for the entire tournament; daily fee $40, minimum of 3  days. See the Pictona site map and RV and Premium Auto-tent parking sketch. Reservations are highly recommended. Call Pictona 386-310-7067 to reserve.

Exhibitors: Nestled alongside the SR Perrott Pavilion and the East, West, and South pods of courts, right next to Tournament Central, are 20 10’ x 10’ exhibition spaces. Spaces 1 to 10 are under shade covers (but not rainproof). Each space rents for $300. Contact Sarah Lockett at sarahl@pictona.org to reserve your space.

Sponsorship: The IFP and Pictona offer excellent opportunities to promote your business during the tournament. Contact Sarah Lockett at sarahl@pictona.org for a schedule of these opportunities.


Covid-19 Guidelines:  We will update our  Covid-19 Guidelines based on the pandemic conditions just prior to the tournament. At our fall 2020 tournament we checked everyone’s temperature and required a mask be worn at all times except when playing on the courts or eating and drinking. You should probably expect the same policies for this tournament.

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