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Our Benefactors

A great big THANK YOU to our benefactors who have supported Pictona with a significant gift of $1000 or more. When you see these generous people at Pictona let them know you appreciate their contribution. They have helped make Pictona possible. Our Benefactors are recognized not only here but with an Award Paddle mounted on the outside of Preservation Palace (forthcoming).

Bill and Mimi Cook Family, general sponsorship

Jeanne DeMars, general sponsorship

Robin Hanger (Best Price Trailers), sponsor of the bleachers at court 17

Robin Hanger (The Car Shop), sponsor of the bleachers at court 20

Walt and Roberta Hooker, sponsor of the Welcome Wall at Celebration Plaza

Terri Jacobsen, general sponsorship

Keith and Katie Kelly, general sponsorship

Richard and Melanie McCabe, general sponsorship

Mike McLean, two large-screen television sets

Jim Pawela, general sponsorship

Chuck and Amy Mecklem, general sponsorship

Andy and Bonnie Melville, sponsor of the three flag poles at Celebration Plaza

Mike Phelan (My Key Golf), sponsor of the men’s and women’s locker rooms

Louis Spear, sponsor of one of our 4 table tennis tables

Tom and Suzanne Walters, sponsor of our Youth Pickleball curriculum

Nancy Tedeschi, (Pickleball Bella), general sponsorship

Sylvia Whitehouse, Player Shop sponsorship and ball machine

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