1060 Ridgewood Ave, Holly Hill, FL 32117
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Pictona will host two tournaments a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. It is anticipated that each of our tournaments will bring over 800 participants and pickleball fans to Pictona. We invite you to exhibit at these events.

Exhibitors will be located behind the bleachers of the two tournament courts and under shade covers. You will be in the heart of the activities, just a few feet from Tournament Central located in the SR Perrott Pavilion which is surrounded by courts.   Pictona considers vendors to be a vital part of a successful tournament and we will do all we can to maximize your exposure. Contact Sarah Lockett, Pictona’s Event and Assistant Manager, via email at sarahl@pictona.org or 386-310-7067 ext 102 for more information.  

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