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Humana Pictona Open Exhibitor Registration is Now Open!
Humana Pictona Open

We invite you to exhibit with us for our third annual Humana Pictona Open pickleball tournament to be held October 20-23, 2022, in Holly Hill, Florida (part of the greater Daytona Beach area). The tournament will be our first at Pictona 2 which is part of the Pictona campus. We are adding 24 additional courts, plus a championship court that seats 1200. We will have a total of 49 courts, 13 under cover, and all lighted. The Pictona Campus is unique in that it has been built exclusively for pickleball. The new courts will be celebrated with a grand opening October 16, 2022.

We recognize that your presence adds value to the overall experience of our players and helps you present your products and services to a highly committed audience. We encourage you to be part of this inaugural event. We expect between 800 and 1000 players.  

Exhibitor rates for the length of the tournament:

The tournament will be played on the 25 new courts and on some of the existing courts. Our layout for the exhibit space will be different than what we had in the past.

S.R. Perrott Pavilion: We have six spaces under the cover of the Pavilion. The exhibits will face inward so visitors can view your wares and services under cover. This space will also be where players rest in between games played on the adjacent courts. $300 per 10’ x 10’ booth.

Small Pavilion: We have a small pavilion near the S.R. Perrott Pavilion available for a company wanting more than a double booth. $600 for the entire pavilion.

Exhibit Lane: The wide walking lane that connects Pictona 1 and 2 will have exhibit space on either side of the lane. Electric power is conveniently located nearby for all the spaces, but extension cords will be needed for some. This will be a busy lane for players and spectators walking from Pictona 1 to 2 and back. $200 per 10’ x 10’ space or $300 for a double booth.

Pictona will provide the following:

  • Company Listing on the Flyer in the Tournament Swag Bag
  • Daily access to our Hospitality Lounge with coffee, soft drinks, and snacks.
  • The opportunity to place a single item in our Tournament Swag Bag, which all players will receive.
  • Access to Power 
  • One (1)  6’ x 18” table and two chairs if requested (with the possibility of getting an additional table if we have them available).
  • One (1) premium parking spot on the grand lawn
  • Helpful Pictona staff to make your exhibitor experience enjoyable!

Booth Spaces #1 - #6: $300 for a single 10' x 10' or $500 for a double

Booth Spaces #7 - #24: $200 for a single 10' x 10' or $300 for a double

#25 - Small Pavilion: $600 for the entire space

We will hold a raffle during the tournament to help support one or two local not-for-profits in our community. The organization’s members are required to help sell tickets to support the effort.  To help make the raffle a success, we request that each exhibitor at the tournament contribute merchandise for us to use as raffle prizes daily during the tournament.  Your company will be recognized for these donations so that all participants will know of your generosity. 

Availability will be updated as each booth space is reserved.

Contact Deb Christensen via email at debc@pictona.org or 678-654-4111 for more information.  


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