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Fall 2023 Results

3.0 Mixed Quad Squad Team League
Champions: Game Changers
Mark Larsen, Michelle Hanson, Mindy James, Scott James, Bob Four-Nier(sub), Billy Schleicher (sub- not in photo))

2nd Place: Holly Hill Picklebillies
Ali Brown, Dan DiRubbo, Joe Stefano, Rudy Abt, Rob and Lesley Stevens (subs)

3rd Place: Mid-Court Crisis
Alan Battis, Bill Peebles, Michele Battis, Mindy Cooper, Barb Chaparro (sub), Trevor Hickman (sub) and Nick Petropouleas (sub)

3.5 Mixed Quad Squad Team League
Champions: The Real Dill
Evan Ankrom, Monica Kumar (not in photo), Stevie Petropouleas (not in photo), Tim Frame, Lisa Skrogstad (sub), Tonia Wint (sub), Gianna Southwich (sub- not in photo), Kat Winiarski (sub- not in photo), Ben Brietz (sub- not in photo))

2nd Place: 4 Loko
Cyndi Mcclosky, Dee Parrish, Mabry and Rosita Karlsson

3rd Place: Net Brats
Angel Grimm, Cindy Koenig, Randy Keller, Ray Crowley and Steve Croak (sub)

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