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Quad Squad Flyer Nov. - Dec.

REGISTRATION for Senior (50+) Thursday morning leagues OPENS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 at 8:00am!

The Senior (50+) MIXED QUAD SQUAD TEAM LEAGUES will be for 3.0 and 3.5 and 4.0+ Skill Levels. MIXED TEAMS (2 men and 2 women per team). There will be FOUR TEAMS in each League.

League Overview:
  • Duration: 4 weeks from Nov 30th to December 28th (excluding Dec 7)
  • Team Size: 4 players per team; 2 men & 2 women per team
  • Registration Deadline: First four teams to register and pay
  • Individual Sign-Up: Each team member must sign up individually and specify the team name on the registration form.
  • Team Formation: It's your responsibility to find your own team members. Feel free to connect with potential teammates on Pictona's Facebook pages.
Registration Fees:
  • Annual Plus or Monthly Auto Renew Plus Members: No participation fee.
  • Basic Memberships, Pic-10 Pass, Daily Pass Players: $20 per player for the entire 5-week league.
  • Refunds: If your team doesn't complete payment before six other teams, the $20 fee will be refunded. Once the league starts, no refunds will be issued in case of team forfeits.
  • Weather Cancellations: If a week is canceled due to weather, an additional week will be added at the end of the five-week session. For further details about how weather might impact our programmed play, go HERE.
Check-In Process:
  • All Players: Required to stop and check in at the Welcome Desk.
  • Plus & Basic Members: Can scan their membership card for check-in.
  • Non-Members: Must visit the Player's Shop to have their 10 Pass Card punched or pay the daily rate of $15 (this fee is not included in the $25 per player League Fee).
  • Entrance: We recommend parking and entering through the West Gate Entrance.
League Details:
  • Courts: Courts 31-43 (excluding 42) are reserved for league games.
  • Warm-Up: Arrive early if you'd like to warm up.
  • Late Arrivals: Late team player arrivals will cause their team to forfeit each missed game.
League Structure:
  • Format: Every team plays each other once. Each week your team will play a total of ten games (5 per player): round one men’s doubles and women’s doubles. Round 2-5 is all combinations of mixed doubles. If they finish with 5/5 wins, there will be a 6th tie breaker team game. New server comes in when a player earns 2 points, two new players rotate in with every side out.
  • Weekly Winners: Teams with the most wins each week will be the weekly winners.
  • League Champions: WEEK 4 will be playoff rounds. Based on weekly win record, team in 1st place plays team in 4th and 2nd place plays 3rd place (3 rounds, men's/women's doubles, then 2 mixed games), Winners of those matches play another 3 rounds for Gold, Silver and the previous losing teams play for Bronze 
  • Tiebreakers: In case of a tie in win/loss records, we will total games won during the league for head-to-head matches. If there is still a tie, we will compare point differentials during those games.
Important Notes:
  • Commitment: Please only sign up if you can attend all four weeks.
  • Substitutes: Teams are responsible for finding their own substitute players, who must be verified as the same skill level as the player they are replacing.
  • Injuries: If a player gets injured during League play, that team will have to forfeit the remainder of their games unless they can recruit a substitute player of similar skill.
  • Substitute Invitations: Teams are welcome to invite their subs to show up each week. If a player is late or gets injured, they are allowed to take that spot. 
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